Super Heroes: Fathom Thoughts or Feeble Minds!!!

Prima facie looks farcical & fictional…By product of FEAR, culminating from mind’s clandestine subconscious, unstructured narratives. Probably ambivalent and seeping into the minds, as extra –terrestrial being- only to be circumvented.

Incredibles 2 run- away success across the globe is ample proof of human audacity, TO BE SEEN AS THEIR OWN EXTENSION. As great Greek philosopher Aristotle shared of tragedy evoking emotions of pity & fear, extending the same logic forward, super heroes bred on aspirations & limitlessness. Christian view keeps Man below God & obedience being prime duty of mankind for eternal grace of almighty. However Greek view places Man in the center of universe, to challenge god at their peril, attributable to their immense potential. Thus probably denial to abide by the traditions, challenging authority & non-obligatory view might have germinated seeds for conception of SUPER HEROES … Initial view to such syndrome would have been non- altruist, felt as rebel, anti-god as it challenges the core order of universe. And something which is antithesis to existentialism, is ought to be catastrophic.

Though their existed a desire and even space too, for mutual coexistence of human beings, Super Heroes & God. Some connotation of this allegory I got from my daughter’s class V Mathematics: ·

•A Line ----------- Infinite No start & end point.
•A Line Segment < -------- > With start & end point.
•A Ray ----------> Start Point, but no end point.

Needless to say above corollary is self-explanatory & Mathematical personification is amply clear. In Mythology Icarus, son of master craftsmen flew with wings of wax for protecting himself to our Desi Krrish flying in mid-air to unwind the jammed wheel of air -plane saving the on boarded passengers.

Indeed super heroes have great fascination for skies, defying laws of gravity & gyroscopic framework - a fourth dimension to move/travel!!! A logical take away for the mortals, to seek inspiration & inherent strength from these super heroes - for being better individuals & using power for the right cause. They don’t make us feel weak, but usher new horizons to unleash our true worth – which may necessarily not be physical, but even intellectual or spiritual conscience.

Seems our adoration with super heroes is culminating only, with 2019 most goggled being “Captain Marvel”, Marvel studios first female fronted superhero. Clearly Superheroes are gender defying not just epitome of power but vital energy to own to the reputation of Guardian & defending the world from negative forces.

The core genesis of nature with its stipulated by-laws –at times fuses to disintegrate causing destruction or blend together for creative
synthesis. Indian belief of “Bhagwan” (God) is a true acronym – Bhoomi (Soil), Agni (Fire), Gagan (Sky), Vayu (Wind) & Neer (Water)
. It is amalgamation of these natural elements that unlocked Elsa’s mysticism in Frozen2. On flip side these forces commissioned by evil minds collide with antics of Spiderman, in spiderman away from home- antagonism of water & sand. This clearly articulates nature being neutral where cognition brings cohesiveness & conceit causes calamity.

In trilogy of creation, sustenance & destruction: super heroes emerge as a uni- dimensional - saving grace in capacity of protector only. Imply being less in form & more tilted in matter. Their essence hinges between faith on humanity & super-naturalism bestowed by nature. Superhero’s never challenge the realm of nature. In-fact they safeguard mankind within the genre of its aesthetic spirit. Yes! They may be demi-god but not god, existential not absolute, perfect but not perennial. Superhero is both a noun & adjective – in the sense that they represent both: A persona but more importantly A phenomenon…

Finally super heroes give us hope – a locomotive that dwindles between “mirage” & “miracle “to find Reality some wherein between. A HOPE for better world, better life - wait for something to happen, something to change is the key to sleep with the MOON and awake with the SUN, us being the part of change or change itself.

To conclude, so long as there are Super-Villains, there exist superhero’s

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Ardent reader, exuberant orator & aspiring writer with inclination towards philosophy , mythology & folklore. Academically MA English , Master in Business Administration & into private job.