Pandemic has hit almost every industry throughout the globe. There no single business that’s been affected. But we have some exceptions, those businesses took an exceptional hike during the lockdown period.

Such is a focus in our today’s article about the emerging superhot model, Dakota James, 23, admits she'd do "just about anything" to please her followers.

The beauty, from New York, US, shares revealing snaps to her 1.6 million admirers on Instagram.

She has been known for her good looks and flashy photo shoot on the IG.

Pandemic An Opportunity
For many, the pandemic just halted the everyday life. So what was there to be done? It was time to only limit activities to the online domain only. Dakota James took this opportunity and made full use of it by connecting to her fans on Instagram.

People got stuck to their screens when they saw this ravishing beauty. So this gave Dakota an opportunity to increase her fan base like never before. Since people who were only and had nothing to do take this opportunity to communicate with this super hot chick.

Generous in her traits, Dakota fulfilled almost every wish of her fans who communicated with her online. Obviously within the limits, but her looks and amazing beauty inspired her audience everywhere throughout the globe.

Connection With the Fan Base
The supermodel feels that pandemic has given her the opportunity to connect more with her fans. She loves them and is willing to do anything for them. This increase in fan base has obviously given her the chance to earn more and she has been smart enough to exploit this opportunity.

She finds it a great marketing opportunity with 1.6 million fans and the number increase every passing day. Dakota receives a lot of attention from her crazy fans who love communicating with her. She is smart enough to use this platform and exploit the opportunity of making big bucks.

She is in connection with different top brands and you never know she becomes the next big thing just around the corner. It is her confidence in her beauty that has given her this chance to be loved by millions. She knows what she is doing and also knows how to make it large.

The clever girl knows this art of social media marketing therefore she is making the maximum out of it. Not only she is beautiful but she is also intelligent enough to apply subtle marketing tricks that can help her make a big impact.

Future Plans
She has a bright future ahead both in social media and the modeling industry. The model has got all it is required to attract super brands. She has got the numbers and above all, she has got the looks to make the deal going. She believes it is all about what you’re passionate about. The model loves connecting with people and this is the way she is getting more out of her passion making it an opportunity.

She is definitely a head-turner and someone who can inspire many. Having all the tricks of the trade she ticks all the boxes of this glamorous world which she is in so we are expecting a future ahead for her.

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