In spiritual science one finds discussion in so many places regarding spiritual practice based on divine light and a yearning too for this light. This light is certainly not related to bulbs, tube lights, sunshine, moon shine etc but that it is a supreme light which by becoming an aura of consciousness in the world radiates in it. This supreme light is called Savita deity which is an icon of Super Energy Gayatri. Everyone can visualize/experience it directly as Ritambhara Prajna or divine intellect and also as life’s light that pervades every iota of this cosmos. Know for sure that more its measure manifesting in us the more portion of divinity is radiating in us.

From the central region of brain springs forth particles of light. Its rising waves take the shape of a ring and then returns to its root source. This is a functioning akin to radio wave transmission and focusing. Energy emitted from the Brahmrandhra in the scalp helps flow its inner hidden sensitivity in the cosmos via ether vibrations. Thus man emits an introduction and influence of his consciousness in the entire world. The streams of this returning springs carries with it worldwide infinite knowledge full of information which is the newest, episode based and sensitive. If these are understood aptly and imbibed duly anyone without exception can unearth very detailed and important events of the distant past and present times. People have a potential to imbibe and transmit this flow and its medium is the polar region of the Brahmarandhra. Other planets in space are known to send many gifts to planet earth and its special qualities go to other regions. This give and take between various planets is executed in the Polar Regions. Even the human body possesses 2 polar region viz. the brain and genital area. Conscious radiations are associated with the brain and force based energy is related to the genitals. Very important subtle technique of give and take is executed via these 2 centers.

As per ones bodily and mental state the aura maintains its steadiness. If the situation changes the state of our aura light too changes accordingly. Not only this but that time and again based on man’s changing personality and thought stature periodical changes are seen. Subtle seers visualize these differences like changes taking place in colors. Peace and gentlemanliness based mental state is seen in the form of light blue color. A mental state full of humor, desires, authority, grandeur, good at social etiquette is of yellow in hue. An aura of red connotes that one’s psyche is full of wrath, egoistic behavior, harshness, heartless, selfish, biased and foolish. Green color connotes a nature based on creativity and artistic inclination of mind. Dark purple is related to an intellect full of imbalance and unsteadiness. The aura of righteous devotees of God and men of ethics takes the color of saffron like orange. In the same way an admixture of various colors keep changing based on changes seen in man’s qualities, activities and inner personality. This aura generally does not always remain steady. Changing mental inclinations render changes correspondingly in our aura of light. Independently these colors have no importance. Changes in our mental state, the rise-fall in the number of energy vibrations emitted by our body are experienced by our vision. Scientists call this frequency of the waves.

Applications like clairvoyance, divine experiences or psycho mestri, telepathy and suggestion can be executed very easily as soon as our soul power advances. In the past few years a lot of research has been done on these subjects and as a result of these scientific efforts useful conclusions have been drawn. Just like radiology and electronics consciousness based sciences like parapsychology, ESP science and metaphysics are blooming forth. The more the layers of mysterious information regarding the power of the unconscious mind is being unveiled the more it is becoming crystal clear that man who appears to be animal like is in reality an infinite storehouse of unlimited powers and potentials. The problem related to this is that majority of these energies exist in unknown latent states.

The length of light rays is of the measure of 16th to 0.3 millionth part of an inch. The speed of sound waves heard on a radio is 0.1 million 84 thousand miles per second. In one second these circumambulate planet earth totally 7 times. The form and flow of waves of sound and light are so subtle and speedy that without the help of subtle technology our sense organs cannot experience it. Dr J C in his book ‘Atom and Soul’ has accepted that the light based vapor of human atoms is present not only in mankind but also in other creatures, plants, herbs etc. It is these light based atoms that create apt bodies of various creatures. The body of man or other living beings made of mineral based material can remain balanced and steady only as long as these atoms of light reside there. As soon as these atoms of light go away the gross body is rendered useless and dead and thus has to be cremated or buried. If this dead body is left out in the open one cannot remain near it for a moment even due to foul stench as a result of decay emitted by it.

Character, psychic imprints or Sanskars, desires and action power are but a play of these light atoms. We all know that one photon is made from union of atoms of many colors. The light based aura of the human body too is made from many hues. After subtly and scientifically researching patients, criminals, laymen and great personages Dr J C Trust said that the more a person is great and full of pious qualities his/her human atoms are more oozing with divine radiance and aura whereas the light atoms of criminals and diseased ill people are weak and full of darkness. He by seeing dark spots of many humans via his divine vision pointed out they were criminals or ill patients thereby making people accept that definitely repercussions related to the black color atoms of patients’ and criminals’ psychic tendencies. Man despite desiring to yet fails to bring about changes in his personality as long as this tainted light atom dwells within him.

Not only this, but the presence of these tainted light atoms gathered from many lifetimes forcefully induce man to act vilely. Thus again and again man lands into the crater of downfall and renders his soul agitated. As long as these tainted atoms do not transform positively, as long as they are not deactivated till then man cannot change his circumstances in any way.

This fact is definite that if there is potency in our light atoms we can help others too. Diseases can be warded off. For some time those with tainted thinking can be transformed into one with sacred character. As soon as the dacoit Valmiki came in contact with Sage Naradji, the former’s light atoms got a jolt and were thus forced to positively transform. As soon as the dacoit Angulimal entered the periphery of electrical halo emitted by light atoms of Lord Buddha his tainted thought flow reverted to holiness. In the hermitages of great Rishi-Munis, cows and tigers were known to serenely drink water together from one pond. The cause was the presence of divinely potent light atoms over there. As soon as such an atmosphere disappeared the light atoms would strengthen but with taints as a result of which they would again act vilely. Hence instead of giving someone soul energy or vital force Indian spiritual teachers designed a methodology wherein anyone as per his/her desire could advance and transform his/her light atoms. This was termed meditation and worship of God.

Meditation and worship is a scientific technique wherein we transform our black, tainted and sin inducing light atoms residing within us into divinely radiant, wholesomely active, peace enhancing principles. For example when we execute Gayatri Meditation the medium that removes tainted light atoms so as to replace them with divine light atoms is done by Gayatri’s deity Savita or sun.

From the standpoint of designing of colors and light these human atoms are of varied character. Whatever is the character of man perceived today it is because of the presence of these atoms. If this science is deeply understood not only does our own life be rendered pure, sacred and disease free but that others too can be influenced benignly. The basis of heaven and salvation are these human light atoms.

We see objects in the world with the help of light. Yet if with the help of ordinary light particles we wish to see cells within our body we cannot do so simply because they are subtle and miniscule. When electrons are sent to a microscope with an onrush of 5000 volts their waves in comparison to long white light particles is subtle by 1/10000 times. At that time whatever is the diameter of atoms of hydrogen other atoms tinier by 42.4 times than them can enter and show us all functions taking place there. For example if man’s eyes can see a depth of 1 inch then 500 times lesser than this can be seen by a microscope and 10000 times less by electron microscope. From this we can infer how subtle are the conscious part of cells of the human body. Via such microscopes when cells are visualized in it a blinking light is seen. Consciousness or Mahattava (great element) in this manner is but a very subtle spring of light. This scientific fact has been fully accepted by modern science too.

Amongst the 6 Chakras of the Brahmarandhra unearthed by Indian Yogis of yore Sahasrar stand out predominantly. This center is in the form of focused divine light situated 2 inches behind the temple of the face and around 3 inches away from the eyebrows. According to great spiritual seers this region is like an upside down umbrella or a bowl and is made up of 17 major light principles. It appears like mercury light. In the Chandogya Upanishad attainment of Sahasrar Philosophy has been put forth in 5 letters as follows:

Tasya sarveshu kamachari bhavati.

The above means that by attaining Sahasrar, a Yogi can attain all material sciences. This is that very energy center from where the brain controls and directs all bodily functioning and in this world whatever extraordinary science invented by human efforts is seen directs it.

Soul or consciousness manifests themselves from atoms which are none other than the above light atoms and yet the soul is separate from them. Light atoms should be called Prana, vital force, managing power, fire, divine brilliance and so on. The more they are pure, brilliant and divine one will become a great radiant, famous, valiant and artistic person. The aura of great saintly people symbolizes all this whereas in lowly stature people these atoms are weak, loose and black. It is required that we transform these dark tainted atoms into divinely brilliant ones and thus enter the category of great people of the world.

The aspirer of divine science prays: ‘Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya’ wherein he yearns for this divine light. Every awakened soul feels the requirement of it. Thus a Gayatri devotee via his/her Japa or Mantra chanting practice meditates on Savita deity so that this light is born in his/her psyche.

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