People, at some period in their lives, can get a few unwelcome pounds of fat around their bellies, chest or buttocks. We’ve included a few tips on how to help get rid of these fatty deposits, plus an assortment of superfoods that will aid the process.

Superfoods are often foods known to have a higher than normal phytonutrient content, and this means they may have correspondingly better health benefits as well. Fruits, vegetables, fish and tea are a few fairly well-known superfoods. Besides being delicious, they are filling and will help a person steer away from less healthy alternatives. Below, we have listed a few of these foods and some tips and interesting facts about them.

For men and women wanting to get rid of belly fat or any other fat, or even to just get into better shape, a diet consisting of portions of these superfoods over a lot of fat or empty calorie foods, plus a decent amount of regular exercise. will be a natural and non-surgical and non-medicated way to move towards the goal of losing fat from their bodies.

• Apples

This fruit is just packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, and they are delicious, besides. They also contain pectin (a fiber) which can help keep your digestive tract in order. Pectin is used in jams and jellies to thicken them, but don’t go that route. Apples also contain a healthy carbohydrate and even though we think of carbs as starch, this kind of carb is good for you. There are thousands of varieties of apples and some are sweet and some are sour. If you like the green and sour kind, a little sweetener will make them palatable, without using sugar.

• Broccoli

Just two florets of this leafy green and sturdy vegetable count as a vegetable serving. If you don’t want to eat it plain and raw or lightly steamed, use it with a dipping sauce of yogurt flavored with herbs like dill. It’s delicious and contains a lot of antioxidants. And, it’s extremely filling.

• Olive Oil

I can’t say enough about this form of natural fat. You can cook with it, use it for dipping – there are countless ways to use this healthy and natural oil. It also contains a lot of antioxidants and is probably why the Mediterranean area people are so healthy. A few sticks of toasted whole wheat bread dipped in a little dish of olive oil with herbs in it, is a delicious and very healthy appetizer.

• Wholegrain Seeded Bread

The advantage to seeded bread is that they contain a lot of fiber and the seeds have essential fatty acids. They help a person feel full and that is a crucial part of any food program or diet. If a person feels less hungry, they will be less tempted to eat so-called empty calories.

• Beans

Beans are an incredible food and they can be prepared in a huge number of ways. They contain protein, fiber, iron and calcium. If tomato sauce is in baked beans it is a good source of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant. A favorite bean dish is a stew made with tomatoes, butter beans, kidney beans, corn, chicken breast (no skin), onions, smoked paprika, olive oil, vegetable or chicken broth, and really, anything else that you can think of that you like, and that is low fat and healthy for you. Don’t forget a few types of beans, though. Thicken the stew with a little rice flour (paste then few teaspoons of hot liquid added, then add it to the stew to avoid any lumps).

• Salmon

All fish contains protein, vitamins and minerals and fatty fish like salmon also have healthy portions of omega 3 fatty acids. Eating oily fish can reduce the risk of getting heart attacks, besides helping you lose fat from your body. Brushing salmon with olive oil, sprinkling on some herbs and possibly lemon juice, then broiling for a little while, gives you a super easy and super healthy dinner.

• Tea (black or green)

Tea is a rich source for antioxidants. One cup a day may be enough but if you are fond of tea, several cups is fine. Just don’t overdue any food.

Three more superfoods are yogurt, bananas and brazil nuts.

So, a good dinner menu that incorporates many of the foods above would be:

An appetizer consisting of toasted, seeded whole wheat bread dipped in olive oil flavored with dill or another herb of your liking. Broiled salmon with a side of broccoli and bean salad (toss with olive oil and vinegar and herbs) and a dessert of baked apples with sweetened yogurt added after they are cooled. Top the meal off with a cup of tea and I think that anyone would be full and happy, but most importantly, on the way to becoming a healthier human being.

Why do we store fat?

Because our bodies haven’t changed much since the Stone Age, we still have the same defensive mechanism that would protect us if we were living in caves. In the earliest days food shortages and starvations were common, so having an extra storage of energy pretty much meant survival in the tougher times. Naturally, people ate more during hunting seasons and used that stored fat when food was short. Stone Age is long gone, but this simple example shows why we have this mechanism. Nowadays we don’t really have this natural cycle of eating more/eating less, thus we have to adjust and eat smarter.

There are many practical reasons why some people put on fat and others don’t, and those range from poor eating habits, genetics, aging, lack of physical exercise, drugs and many others. In most cases, weight loss is as simple as becoming smart about foods you eat, and that’s why we have listed some so-called superfoods which will not only improve your overall health, but also help shed those extra pounds.

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