If you are not big on small talk, then why not learn the art of “big talk”, to land your dream job or career, or magnetize more ideal clients? Spend your conversational time and energy doing what is high on your list of things you love to do. Add big talk to deepen your rapport and relationships with people who intrigue you, and who may represent your next job opportunity or client.

If asking the standard “What do you do for a living?” question or talking about superficial subjects like the weather bores you, then give these questions a whirl the next time you are networking or in a job interview, ask these:

Five quality interview questions:

1. Why did you decide to join this organization-business?
2. What do you most enjoy about what you do?
3. What is your business’ most popular product or service?
4. How may I find out more about the positions currently available through your company/business?
5. How is (some current event or situation) impacting your employer-business or industry right now?

Five quality networking questions:

1. Tell me what a great referral for you would be.
2. How did you decide to go into this (insert type) business?
3. I would love to hear one of your client success stories: How have you made a difference in a client's life or business?
4. Tell me about your community involvement: What other organizations do you participate in and what role do you play in them?
5. How is (some current event or situation) impacting your employer-business or industry right now?

Life is sometimes like a game show: you have only a few seconds to respond or you luck out! If you expect listening “space” from others, then wait patiently and respectfully for others’ answers - or questions. Conversely, impatience – such as interrupting or rushing the answers – will completely turn off the person or audience you are speaking to. Like it or not, we all need time to tune in to conversations-presentations, hear questions, and formulate our responses. Is giving others time worth it? Yes! – Because by creating quality conversations, you will attract more quality contacts into your life.

And if you are feeling desperate while searching for new clients or a new job, remember that desperation does not mean you have to settle for less. Why not settle for more in your conversations with the people who cross your path? As the actor James Stewart put it: “I sort of got into Westerns... It was a sort of desperation move, really. I had several pictures that did not go very well, and I just realized that I would have to try something else.” That something else could be switching from small talk to big talk to help you attract more of the better you may be looking for.

Blending big talk with small talk is an art and a skill that everyone can learn through practice... even you! Have fun deepening your rapport and upgrading your work or clients and life.

Author's Bio: 

Monique MacKinnon is a globally recognized creativity expert, speaker and ebook and article author whose specialty is helping passionate entrepreneurs who need more direction, focus and accountability to monetize their abundant ideas, talents and interests. Monique’s work is grounded in both practical and esoteric principles and includes expertise in hand analysis (via the International Institute of Hand Analysis) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP via The WEL-Systems Institute). Monique has 21 years’ experience in marketing, management, training, consulting and coaching.

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