Animals have played a big role throughout human civilization, so it's no wonder we have so many superstitions surrounding pets! While a lot of superstitions may seem crazy, there are actually practical reasons for others. Check out our list below to find out what sort of old-world beliefs may have affected your pets life!

Pet Superstitions

  • The Black Cat - A black cat is probably one of the more widely know superstitions. A black cat crossing your path is a foreboding omen of bad luck to come. Black cats aren't always a bad sign though! In England if a black cat crosses your path on your wedding day, it's a sign of a lasting union. Keeping a black cat on board a ship was seen as good luck. Maybe because it kept the rat population down...
  • Looking For Rain? - Keep an eye out for dogs eating grass or rolling in the dust! A sure omen for rain.

Superstitions and your pets! Superstitions and your pets![/caption]

  • Don't Say Pig At Sea - Due to their cloven feet sailors believe that pigs are cohorts of the Devil. They believe that even uttering the animal's name on board a ship is bad luck!
  • The Dog Test Of Character - Dogs are said to have the supernatural ability to smell out people that are up to no good. Superstition holds that if a dog growls or is constantly uneasy around someone, they are a person of bad character.
  • Dog Licks For Good Luck - The Romans and Greeks held superstitions that dog saliva had the ability to heal wounds. It's also not uncommon to hear about the belief that if a dog licks a newborn baby, it will be a quick healer!
  • Grey Horses For The Wedding Day - Seeing a grey horse on the wedding day means the bride and groom will have good luck!
  • Just Talking About Rabbits Is Lucky - In Britain an old superstition holds that before going to bed on the last day of the last month, one should say "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit". Upon waking the next morning and the first of a new month say, "hare, hare, hare" and you've just secured yourself a month of good fortune!
  • Good Luck Spider - Contrary to most all humans instincts, spiders are always good luck!
  • Toads for Burglars - Old thieve's superstitions hold that carrying a toad in your pocket will keep you from getting caught. Maybe moving gently to keep from squashing the toad makes you stealthy?
  • Dogs and the Afterlife - Many old cultures believe that dogs help guide humans to the afterlife, taking them on the path to heaven. Killing a dog would mean there would be no path to heaven.
  • Cats And Cradles - There are two dominant superstitions here. The most common holds that if a cat gets into a cradle it will steal the babies breath. In Russia, however, keeping a cat in the cradle helps to scare off evil spirits!

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