Things would be so much simpler if the supplier management system is reliable and up-to-date. Thanks to supplier management software, the procurement process has become much more manageable. It lets you manage the onboard supplier system, i.e. to maintain, collect supplier information, lifecycle, performance and risk, with a single click online.
Supplier onboarding is a process of collecting vendor information, evaluating vendor risk and integrating them to your platform and supply chain. Hence supply onboarding is all about creating a smooth process to build a stronger buyer-vendor relationship to ensure improved business outcomes.
Consequently, a comprehensive view of supplier information, spend, performance and risk reduce threat and prevent savings leakage. Manual supplier setup or managing data on an excel or word file is a tedious job. Therefore, to simplify the process, this software helps to invite suppliers easily, allow suppliers to handle registration and save time by offering self-service options. It ensures the right product is being delivered from the right supplier at the right time and eases communication with vendors.
Vendor Master Software.

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