For all the fitness lovers out there, Fitnez understands your love for fitness and lifting the weight and also the struggle you might go through to support your back. We have come up with the best product, especially for you. Keep your fitness-love growing while our belt has your back.

Description of the product

The Fitnez back support belt for men and women is designed in such a way that it would give you a sign of relief from your lower back issues. If you experience any kind of a pain in the back and the waist area, this belt is for you irrespective of the gender as it is unisex. The belt works in a way that soothes your aching muscles along with acting as a support to help you form and stay in the correct posture, which as well helps you prevent future pains. Also, the belt is highly odorless making it easy for you to use it for longer durations. Additionally, the users have the option of money-back if they are not satisfied with the product within 30-days.


• Compatible and compact – This belt is compatible for everyone as it has a set of two measurements that can be obtained by adjusting the hook and loop given in the belt. You may adjust the measurement as per your comfort and also change it if even experienced with any discomfort.

• Lightweight – The product is extremely lightweight, weighing approximately 5.6 Ounces but is super effective. It compresses your back keeping the aching area warm at all times, exactly what your back is in need of.

• Unisex – This belt is for everyone, both men and women can use it. As for the present, the product is sleek and available only in black color which is commonly loved by everyone. As for the availability of waist sizes, we offer a great choice covering most of the people with diverse ranging sizes from 24” to 39” (63cm – 100cm).

• No odor build with high quality – The belt is made up of high-quality mesh which comprises of 80% Neoprene and 20% Nylon material. The material is breathable and as a result, produces no foul odor. This product is fit to meet your expectations of odorless fitness experience.

• Brace your back at home, office, and gym – Irrespective of the place you are at, this back support belt will fit onto your expectations and support your back at all times, no matter what work you have been performing.

Worry no more, before placing an order for the belt. You may choose to send back the product because Fitnez offers a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days. We are certain that you will like the product. Buy your product now to get rid of the pain.

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