I received an email that was a Self Improvement Newsletter from http://www.SelfGrowth.com. It was titled “Deadly Error in Self Help Book ‘The Secret’ – Shocking Confession from Author (November 2013)”.

Of course I just had to take a peek since I specialize in advanced levels of the law of attraction and have a pretty good understanding of all the universal laws. Not even reading the newsletter and just the content contained in the emailed it read:

Dear Sherry,

BIG NEWS in the world of attraction today from Joe Vitale of ‘The Secret’….

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How can you call the Law of Attraction a “law” at all… if
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David Riklan
Editor – Self Improvement Newsletter
Founder – SelfGrowth.com

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The Secret’s Deadly Error <== Check It Out

Deadly Error is right! There is a deadly error in both these mens understanding, even at a basic level, of what the law of attraction is!

First of all there are what is called universal laws. For example, the law of attraction, the law of cycles, the law of choices, the law of balance, the law of presence, the law of surrender, etc. These are actual universal law as in laws that the universe operates by so to say the law of attraction only works for a select few is hugely showing their ignorance.

David Riklan is right when he used the word “Deadly.” It is deadly to listen to and follow people who explain the phrase “The blind leading the blind”!

The law of attraction is basically the law of cause and effect. Like attracts like, what you put out comes back to you whether positive or negative, what you focus on is what you create, etc. These two men are dangerous to your development and I don’t mean dangerous like enlightened masters are dangerous, I mean dangerous because they will lead you down a rabbit hole you reget having gotten into. They can only lead you to where they have advanced to, which is not that far at all. If you were hitch hiking and a car stops and says I can only take you an eighth of a mile, the favor would hardly be worth it and this is what they have to offer you…an eighth of a mile in a dilapidated car.

So what is the answer to the question “How can you call the Law of Attraction a “law” at all… if it only seems to work for a lucky few?”

Simple…it ALWAYS works for everyone! If you are not able to attraction that new car or job don’t blame that on a universal law (aka God’s Law). That just means one or more of many things such as your vibrations are not high enough, your not putting out enough high vibrating positive energy, you are weighed down by bad karma you need to work off so it is not working against you, or you were taught by the likes of these two mean and don’t really have the true knowledge and understanding of the law of attraction.

Remember just like how karma ALWAYS works and is in effect, so to is the law of attraction also did you know that at this time things are manifesting more quickly? You may not have noticed if you haven’t broke free of the loop you have been in of negative out/negative coming back. It can take a while to break free of this loop and cycle many of us get stuck in. All the while you may also be fighting a battle against your negative ego.

Don’t think you can read one book such as “The Secret” and be able to make the law of attraction work for you. Stop following these people who right now are out in the front but have no right to be and are more of a danger to your advancement than a help.

I specialize in helping people who already know how to use the law of attraction make it more effective as well as figure out why it is not working for them, Such as self talk they are doing that although may not be negative is going against what they are trying to manifest. For example, trying to manifest a raise but the self talk you are speaking says “When I get the raise I don’t have plans for the money I am just going to put it in the bank and save it!” That tells the universe you don’t really need the money. However let your self talk be “When I get my raise I am going to buy a new black BMW 350!” and guess what? The universe understand that you want a new black BMW and for you to be able to get that you will need a certain amount of money and hence the universe attempts to flow the amount of money needed your way.

If everyday you are being a big ole grouch and putting out more negative energy than positive energy then you are only going to attract negative things or rather more of what you don’t want, but if you can get control of yourself and your negative ego then you can be manifesting wonderful things left and right easily. These two gentlemen can’t teach you how to do that because they don’t even understand that universal laws are similar to other laws, such as God’s laws called the 10 commandments.

Stay clear of the truly dangerous people!

Author's Bio: 

Sherry Andrea is an empath, clairsentient (ability to metaphysically feel energy), medium and powerful healer specializing in the used of the violet (transmuting) flame. She is most specifically a channel of divine light. She has given many the gift of a spontaneous healing and many more a powerful healing that started them on their way to a full recovery. There is so much more to her gifts than meets the eye and to know her and to feel the loving energy she channels from God is to understand that.

I was guided to study self-mastery as well as alchemy. Working on self-mastery included raising her vibrations considerably through hours per day of prayer, decreeing and meditation as well as time spent studying at night during sleep with various ascended masters. All the while the main goal was to live a life following God’s Law’s or what some call the universal laws.