Ayurveda acharya Vagbhata in his “ashtanga sangraha” suggests methods to prevent diseases. These are explained in chapter “roganutpadaniya” which means methods to prevent occurrence of diseases.

The first step in prevention of any disease is not to suppress natural urges. The following urges should never be suppressed. The urges like passing flatus, urine, feces should not be controlled. The involuntary actions like sneezing, yawning, breathing, coughing and vomiting are the natural responses of body. Holding these urges back can cause discomfort to body. Natural body demands like hunger thirst and sleep have to be fulfilled properly. Neglecting these can lead to diseases. Ejaculation of semen should not be prevented.

Here is a brief description of diseases which arise when natural urges like passing flatus, feces and urine are controlled. These are elaborately mentioned in ayurveda.

When urge to pass flatus is controlled, the person experiences abdomen pain, indigestion, tiredness, constipation, loss of digestion power and chest pain. The feeling of uneasiness which arises due to suppression leads to loss of appetite and causes tiredness.

One should never control urge to defecate. When controlled it causes pain in calves and rectum, headache, indigestion, chest pain and vomiting. Fecal matter tends to accumulate in rectum when the urge of defecation is controlled. This may enlarge rectum and obstruct passage of urine. Sometimes a person ignores the urge to defecate due to busy schedule or non availability of rest rooms. If this repeats frequently, it may lead to constipation. Long term constipation may lead to fecal impaction.Constipation also causes bad breath

When sensation of passing urine is suppressed, it causes pain in bladder, penis, groin and body. It also leads to formation of stones.

Ayurveda acharyas recommend remedial measures for the above mentioned conditions. Using rectal suppositories help in easy passage of gas and feces. Massaging abdomen with warm herbal oil and later applying warm packs on abdomen aid in easy bowel movement. Drinking warm water with a spoon of ghee also facilitates easy passage of stools and gas. Enema is another method which helps to relieve the symptoms. Mild laxatives can be used if the symptoms are less severe.

When obstruction to pass urine is observed catheter can be inserted to remove blocked urine. Once again massaging lower abdomen with warm oil, soaking in warm water tub and drinking warm water with ghee also help in easy passage of urine.

A word of caution: Consult your family physician before taking any remedial measure.

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