It just isn’t enough for a plastic surgery website to be a stunningly attractive brochure advertising a clutch of high tech surgical options to galvanize the audience. The site needs to ooze professionalism and credibility by providing quality information that motivates visitors to stop, think, and interact. The site must be consistently good at sparking a relationship building process with potential patients. You have to propel the site high in Google search rankings to get a reasonably good share of incoming customer traffic.

You need a pro to fine-tune your digital marketing strategy to increase your visibility and acceptability to a discerning and knowledgeable audience that is growing up on a diet of high-end mobiles, video streaming, and interactive communication.

An SEO Strategy Peaks ROI Like Nothing Else

The new consumer is continuously evolving, spending more time surfing the mobile web, discovering new tools, and doing things differently. Such a consumer will land on your site probably aware of the best plastic surgery practices in town. He’ll be probing and assessing what makes you unique and worthy of his attention. The billion dollar question you should be asking yourself is, are you battlestation ready to woo an aware audience?

You have to wise up to the fact that having the best plastic surgery practice in your town isn’t enough if the discerning consumer can’t find you in a Google search that probably ends with the first-page result.

A meticulously crafted plastic surgery SEO strategy elevates you and your practice higher in web search results. It’s the most effective way of boosting patient footfalls and growing your practice. SEO is what keeps your practice on top of emerging technological trends and always one step ahead of cunning competitors.

3 Performance Parameters Defining the Sound SEO Strategy

Peak Ranking: Patients probing plastic surgeons in their locality normally aren’t patient enough to browse beyond Google’s first results page. That’s the place you want your practice to show up in. You can achieve that through keyword research and high-quality content. Then you optimize your site to synchronize with search engine algorithms that analyze the site and decide ranking.

Peak Traffic: The quality of your keywords determines the kind of web traffic that comes your way. Use the wrong keywords and you’ll be submerged in traffic that comes only to depart quickly. On the other hand, use the right keywords targeting the right demographic, and your site will become a magnet attracting the right crowd more likely to click and convert sales. 

Peak Conversions: Visitors that find your site informative enough to answer their basic queries are more likely to dwell, ponder, and confirm an appointment. These are potentially long-term customers that bring in colleagues, friends, partners, and family keen on exploring plastic surgery options over several years. If you handle them carefully, you’re opening new windows to business growth opportunities. 

Plastic Surgery Industry: The Challenge of Countering Negative Perception

The exponentially growing plastic surgery industry plays to a fiercely competitive market, and there’s the perception that it is a luxurious high-end service. To counter both negatives, it’s important to attract the right crowd. People who are keen to go under the knife. It’s vital to understand their specific needs and offer the right incentives to bring them flocking to your practice.

Top 4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Digital marketing strategists suggest four direct and result-oriented methods to grow leads and reel in good customers promising long-term relationships:

Plastic Surgery Strategy #1: The Free “This Is What You Become” Consultation

Because most patients fear the complications and side effects of surgery, anything you might suggest is automatically suspect. The best way to counter the fear is to do a hands-on mapping of the area that goes under the scalpel, and (using technology) show the consumer how the body changes after surgery.

Once they visualize changes (before and after imaging) and understand the benefits of surgery, patients become more receptive to plastic surgery. In fact, patients get the feeling that they have choice and control over the outcome. A body positive image brings a huge shift in attitude from patient-doctor confrontation to one of patient-doctor trust and cooperation.

Plastic Surgery Strategy #2: Where Patients Become Your Best Brand Ambassadors

You’re probably ignoring a huge resource that is populating your databank – that rather long list of successful patient surgeries you performed in the past. These patients are a testimonial bank you can’t afford to ignore. If following them individually is a headache, use an email marketing tool like AWeber which is effective in building lasting relationships incrementally.

It’s called brand advocacy. You remunerate patients attractively and get them to discuss their surgeries with prospective clients, highlighting how superior your practice is. You can even train past patients how to use social media to put in a good word about you. Soon, these former patients will be building compelling evidence about the quality of your skills and services.  

Plastic Surgery Strategy #3:  Responding Proactively to Customer Pain Points

One of the most effective tools in the marketer’s arsenal is “Social listening.” Basically, this means you keep an ear to the ground and listen closely to the conversational banter of consumers discussing the ins and outs of plastic surgery. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are some of the leading social media platforms that you should take note of.

Observe how people share tips, discuss problems, express their fears, and advertise what they deem to be the best surgical practices. Also, listen to the words that they use to get an idea of keywords that you could possibly introduce. If jargon like Abdominoplasty, breast implant, and Rhinoplasty is not energizing the traffic, perhaps it’s time to switch to the conversational words that consumers are increasingly using such as “tummy tuck,” “boob job,” or “nose job.”

Plastic Surgery Strategy #4:  Women’s Post-Pregnancy Body Surgery Is a Growing Market

Women are postponing babies. Aging women basking in the post-delivery glow of maternity are also conscious of their appearance. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, not less than 62 percent of mothers surveyed revealed the desire to regain their pre-baby figure through plastic surgery. The “Mommy makeover” is a seriously growing territory worthy of conquest. These are women that are mostly stay-at-home mothers having the time, money, and inclination to undergo a variety of surgical options starting with breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and liposuction.

3 Strategies for Gaining Momentum in a Mommy Makeover Market

Plastic surgery practices could give their marketing efforts a shot in the arm by adopting the following key strategies that make strong inroads into the mommy makeover market:

Improving the Quality of Mommy Makeover Content

You need to dispel the myth and the mystery surrounding the surgery, and that can be done by providing high-quality information on breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and liposuction that mothers are very keen on. The articles should cover every possible query that a mother can raise regarding the procedure, and must do a good job of dispelling the fear of complications.

You should create a neatly compiled FAQ as a separate landing page devoted to answering common queries, especially the cost of the surgery. Mothers appreciate transparency, and it is more than enough if you mention a ballpark figure for every procedure. Quality information that prevents visitors from going elsewhere for a second opinion is the best way of securing leads and converting sales.

Creating an Online Gallery of High-Quality Images That Project Your Expertise

Prospective patients need a visual confirmation of what your plastic surgery has achieved or is capable of achieving for them. Provide extensive linkages between articles and the gallery to make patients aware of the potentially transformative nature of each procedure. SEO optimized links to powerful images is a great way of ranking higher in a Google search. The image gallery empowers your marketing spiel and amplifies the persuasive power of high-quality content.

Gaining Trust Through Testimonials and Peer Reviews

Well worded consumer testimonials and powerful reviews and endorsements from peers in the industry have the effect of reaffirming the consumer’s trust in you and your skills. Don’t confine reviews to your website but spread out into Google, Yelp, RealSelf, Healthgrades, and Facebook, and link reviews back to your site.

This strategy catalyzes SEO by casting a wider marketing net through multiple social media platforms and discussion forums that are popular with Google. If you want to move a step higher, create a single page just for mommy makeover reviews and extensively link that page through your galleries and articles to create a greater impact on mothers.


The days of paying megabucks to high flying advertising agencies without any investment in thought, planning, and execution, and without guaranteed results, are long over. Our digital marketing tips for plastic surgery clinics are culled from the collective wisdom of the web’s finest marketers. Implement them in totality at far lower cost and sit back and watch the footfalls stampeding your practice. You’re not only the talk of the town but your practice becomes the consumer’s ultimate destination for the magical makeover.

Author's Bio: 

Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.