Surprises are loved by all, and if it is your love of life then they get better. Surprising your girlfriend on her birthday is the best gift you can give to her. Spending time with her and calling her closest friends at the party could not get better at all.
So some of the spots you can throw a surprise birthday party for your girlfriend and plan the complete day for her with fun sites are:

1. Studio 89:
Having a game night with your girlfriend and her friends can prove to be a great surprise for her. Studio 89 is a cafe that not only offers food but has a game night on Friday. You can enjoy their playing games from various options available. You can make teams and play and have fun. They offer you food and drinks of your choice to make your experience more delightful.

2. Glow Event Centre and Party Lounge:
Another option to throw a party for your girlfriend is a lounge that offers good music and delicious food at your service. You can take your girlfriend to the lounge and ask her friends to reach the venue before you and your girlfriend to make her surprise. One of the great options for a cosy yet youthful lounge is Glow Event Centre and Party Lounge. They offer you great hospitality with great romantic and party vibes. The music and food is a phenomenal combination.

If you want to have a more delightful night, then taking Toronto Party Bus is a lavish option. They set the vibe right for the occasion and make your night more fascinating and amusing.

3. BBQ:
After a fun dance or game night in a lounge or cafe, the next surprise you can give to your beloved girlfriend can be dinner BBQ. You both and her friends can have a yummy, splurging BBQ to fill your tummies after so much fun in the lounge. You can order the food you all love and have a chit-chat and make it a memorable night for everyone, especially for your girlfriend. One of the good options of BBQ in Mississauga, Ontario is Korean BBQ; they offer you a special facility of cooking at the BBQ and eat the cooked food by you and your loved one. This can be a great experience for all.

4. Spa:
After a fun night in the lounge and a good dinner at BBQ, it's time to say goodbye to your girlfriend's friends. Giving the last surprise to your girlfriend, you can book a spa session just for you and your girlfriend. One of the great options of the spa is Glen Erin Inn and Spa and relax. You both can have your alone and quality time, making the best ending of the special day of your girl. She will love the last surprise where after a long day; you both can relax with each other and cherish all the fun you did the complete day.

The day can prove to be more memorable and little more fun if you opt for Toronto Party Bus Rental for the special day. You can book the vehicle of your choice, budget, and number of people attending the party. They make you travel with all top class service in the vehicle and make your experience more pleasant and entertaining.

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