With aging, some people are more worried about their looks and wrinkles on the face. They get the Botox treatment done to get that flawless skin again. Along with the cosmetic use, the use of Botox in Honolulu has increased to treat some medical symptoms like eye treatment, bladder conditions, and relief from migraine, to name a few.

Botox, derived from a deadly toxin, has surprised the medical industry by its endless possibility of applications. It is best known for smoothening wrinkles. Botox, owned by the company Allergan, is approved for nine medical conditions and some of the cosmetic uses. The company holds close to 800 patents for the potential use of the drug. Over the years, it has become a staple cosmetic enhancement. Generally, Botox is considered safe when used in tiny amounts and injected by a licensed practitioner. Botox comes with the side effects along with its amazing benefits


Let us dive further into what are the surprising benefits of Botox injections you never knew.

  1. Treats excessive sweating

Surprisingly, Botox can treat those individuals who suffer from excessive sweat. It is a proven medication to inhibit sweat glands and reduce the production of sweat. The actual name for this medical condition is Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis. Doctors found out that patients who received Botox treatment tend to sweat less than those who did not. Since then, it has been approved as a sweat reducing drug. 

  1. Eye conditions

It is possible to treat multiple eye conditions with Botox. Professional medical practitioners often use Botox injections to attain to problems such as blepharospasm and strabismus. Misalignment of eyes is known as strabismus, and it is commonly known as ‘crossed-eye.’ While blepharospasm is a condition that forces the eyelids to close, it is better known as ‘rapid eye blinking.’ The Botox treats both these conditions. 

  1. Bladder treatment

Botox Oahu is approved by the FDA to be administered in patients suffering from overactive bladder. This condition causes the bladder to leak or creates a strong urge to urinate. Only the patients above the age of 18 years can get Botox. Botox is the last measure given to cure the ailment after all the other methods have seemed to provide poor results. Studies have proven that the use of Botox has reduced the incidents of urine leaking in women from 5 times a day to 3 times a day. 

  1. Migraine relief

Botox treats patients who suffer from chronic migraines. It was first observed by plastic surgeons that patients who use Botox are less likely to suffer from headaches. Further research into this has given us the useful medication we have today to relieve chronic migraine pain.


Botox Hawaii offers a range of benefits considered useful, as depicted above. It may, however, have a few side effects that also need to be considered. Some practitioners think that a moderate amount of Botox to treat multiple conditions is often safe, which is not true. Understand the side effects carefully before choosing this line of treatment.

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