What happens for you when you’re thinking about reaching out to potential clients? I imagine that more often than not it may go something like this…

You look at your list of people to reach out to and as you go down you do your critique:

“Mary – yes she really needs my help and I know I can really help her change her life, but she just doesn’t have any money and she can’t really afford to pay me.” Next!

“Joe – I just called him last week and he never got back to me. He must not want to work with me. I don’t want to bug him again.” Next!

“Janice – she said she was really interested and I gave her my card, but I haven’t heard from her yet and it has been almost two weeks.” Next!

Before you know it, you’ve gone through your entire list and haven’t reached out to help even one person. The downward spiral begins and you keep wondering why you don’t have enough clients and can’t pay your bills or do the things you truly want to do.

When in reality, here is what is really happening for Mary, Joe and Janice…

Mary is in so much pain and frustration, she doesn’t even know where to begin or who to ask for help.

Thank goodness Marcia, who offers a similar service to you, reached out to her this afternoon and Mary realized it was time to stop struggling and get the help she needed. Mary made the financial investment in herself and has her first appointment scheduled with Marcia, so she can finally move forward with her life.

Joe has been trying to get his daughter off to college out of state, is struggling with some personal and business issues and can’t seem to get to all the messages he needs to return.

Thank goodness Jackie, who offers a similar service to you, was willing to call him back again and finally connect with him today. He can’t wait to start working with her and really appreciates her perseverance in trying to help him.

Janice just can’t seem to get organized with all the business cards she has been collecting lately because of all the networking she has been doing. She knows there is a card somewhere (YOURS!) for that person who she wants to hire, but she can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Thank goodness Tom, who she met last week, sent her an email today and reminded her that he does a similar service to yours. She really appreciated his initiative, even though she said she would call him. She is so excited to start working with him at the end of the week.

Scenarios like these are happening every day. And the biggest culprit is that we make false decisions and determinations without ever speaking with people and finding out what is going on for them.

False Decision: You decide they can’t afford to work with you.

Truth: People spend money on what they truly want! It’s up to you to show the value of your service and allow your potential client to make the decision.

False Decision: You are bugging people if you call them more than once or twice and they haven’t returned your call.

Truth: People are busy, often overwhelmed and self-centric (focusing on THEIR biggest issues). They aren’t thinking about how much they don’t want to talk to you, chances are they aren’t even thinking about you. They are thinking about getting their families fed, keeping their bodies working well, keeping their businesses or jobs going, and trying to have some extra money, time, joy and peace.

The bottom line is, when we make decisions for other people before we have a genuine conversation with them, find out what they truly desire to change in their lives and inspire them to make the decision (for themselves) to get the support they need in making that change – we do them and ourselves a disservice.

We have NO idea what is truly going on for other people. We can’t know the real truth, all we can see is what they let us see.

Call to Action

As you think about people who you know you can help, we invite you to find out the truth straight from them. Stop yourself from making the (false) decision FOR your potential clients, and offer them the opportunity to make a choice.

Your job isn’t to get them to say yes, it is to help them to make a decision.

Once they have made the decision, either way, it closes the energetic loop for both of you and you can both go down the same path working together or each on your separate journeys, knowing that a true decision was made.

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