Over the past 5 years, the АРКП has become the most famous in Ukraine. And that's how it is, if you are looking for a fantastic reproductive clinic that offers the best services and is economical at the same time, Feskov Human Reproduction Group is the one that provides the best services.

The clinic has the best team of people who are always ready to guide their customers and help them choose the most suitable service considering their preferences.

However, the Feskov Reproductive Center also offers cost-effective packages for their customers with flexible payment methods to make the process convenient for their customers.

What does the price of surrogacy include?

The price of surrogacy is not only about the fees the surrogate charges, but it also includes other charges such as maintenance costs during pregnancy, including food, transport, medicine, and additional costs.

However, the prices may not be the same if the process demands a cesarean section; instead, it would increase the costs to a few thousand dollars.

Additional services cost more

Even after the increment of a few thousand dollars, the overall cost is economical in Ukraine as compared to other foreign countries. Not only do the clinics in Ukraine offer low prices for their services, but they also ensure a guaranteed surrogacy process for their customers with the birth of a healthy child.

Unfortunately, if there is an issue with the embryo transfer or in case of a miscarriage, the whole process is repeated unless the successful birth of a child.

Ukraine - the hub of surrogacy

Many people chose the Feskov fertility clinic because of its attractive prices. Different trips are planned for the surrogate mother to the USA, Canada, and the Czech Republic, where the surrogate participates.

However, the high maintenance procedure takes place in Ukraine to avoid additional costs and keep the prices as low as possible.

Get more information on the Youtube channel

The Feskov Fertility Clinic has a YouTube channel with interviews of surrogate mothers, doctors, and customers who have much to tell about the incredible services and prices the clinic offers.

Most importantly, the following are a few points that must be kept in mind while choosing Feskov as your ultimate reproductive clinic to carry out the surrogacy process realitymax.

Following are a few facts that make your decision to choose Feskov Fertility Clinic worth it:

● Reliable
● Comfortable
● Affordable
● Guaranty


1. What is the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine?
The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is somewhere between 37,000 to 80,000€. Moreover, the more services you add, the more you will have to pay some additional price; for instance, if you want to choose the child's gender or wish to utilize your eggs during the process, you must be ready to pay 500,000€.

2. What is the total cost of having a child with the surrogate mother?

The prices may undoubtedly vary. Participating in altruistic surrogacy in some countries is free for its citizens, but some restrictions are associated with it.
However, people have to wait for years for their turn.

3. Can every woman be a surrogate mother?

Yes, every woman can be a surrogate mother unless she has her baby delivered naturally, is healthy, does not indulge in any bad habits, and can fulfill contractual obligations. Only then is she good to give as a surrogate mother


To conclude, surrogacy is a process that may bring smiles and laughter to people’s faces who want to have their biological child.

This is because people can have their children due to surrogacy with the help of a surrogate mother.

The cost of the surrogate mother varies depending on the country or region.

The process may be expensive abroad, but in Ukraine, they are pretty affordable. Surrogacy cost in Ukraine is therefore more affordable.

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