Every year thousands of unfortunate foreign couples would come to India in the hopes of finding an effective solution to conceive a baby. They would visit this country in the hopes of hiring a surrogate mother for giving birth to their babies. Most of these couples were not able to conceive a child due to various medical conditions.

There are more than 10 million men and women in the world who are unable to become parent due to various medical conditions. Most of the couples overcome this hurdle with the help of medical treatment, which would include either hormone or drug therapies. But some of the couples could not overcome this hurdle. Such kind of unfortunate couples would come to this country to seek the option of surrogacy clinic in Gurgaon region. The process of surrogacy would allow the couple to have a baby in a natural way.

What do you understand by surrogacy?
Medically surrogacy is the process of Assisted Reproduction. In other words, we could say that in surrogacy, another woman would become pregnant and would give birth to the baby of the intended couple. The whole process would include a qualified surrogate mother, the intended parents, and the consulting doctor.

Due to the cheap Surrogacy cost in India, several foreign and indigenous couples would opt for this process. Surrogate mothers would generally get pregnant by IVF or by artificial insemination. The procedure would include a healthy sperm from the intended father and a fertilized egg from the intended mother to form an embryo in the lab. This embryo would then be placed in the surrogate mother for the development of the child.

Types of surrogacy
All couple indented to seek the option of Surrogacy in Delhi NCR region would have to opt from two different options. They are known as Traditional Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy.

Traditional Surrogacy (Partial or Strait Surrogacy)
In this type of surrogacy, the female would act both as a surrogate and as an egg donor. The surrogate mother would have to undergo either artificial insemination or an IVF procedure along with a healthy sperm of the intended father or from a donor. Thus the child would be genetically linked with the father but not with the mother.

Gestational Surrogacy (Full or Host surrogacy)
This is the most commonly opted category of surrogacy by foreign couples. One of the main reasons would be the cheap surrogacy cost in India. Under this category, the surrogate mother would agree to carry the embryo created in the lab by combining the sperm and egg from the intended couple. The egg of the intended mother would be fertilized in vitro with the help of sperm from the intended father. The formed embryo would then be placed in the uterus of the surrogate mother. Therefore, the child borne would not be genetically linked with the surrogate mother.

Therefore, we could conclude that surrogacy is the only hope for those unfortunate couples who could not conceive babies naturally. If you or any friend is unable to conceive any babies even after trying several medical procedures then surrogacy would be the possible solution to your problem.

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