Surrogacy is a process which really demands a lot from both the Intended Parents and the surrogate mother. While the Intended parents needs to take care of all the compensations and expenses for the Surrogate mother even when there is a risk attached of losing their money if a miscarriage happens by any chance, the surrogate mother needs to carry through all the pain and efforts of becoming a mother in the process. Moreover, Surrogacy is of different types and as per its respective types, it carries the amount of risk and the processes involved during its course.

Types of Surrogacy

Let’s talk about the first method which is the traditional method. This method includes the process where the intended father’s sperm is used in order to artificially inseminate the surrogate mother. Here the surrogate mother’s egg is being used and she will therefore be called the biological mother of the child. Still the process carries a lot of pain and hardships for the surrogate mother and it never stays easy for her to go through the same. The second method comes along in the case where both of the intended parents are facing the infertility issues and therefore a sperm donor is then required to carry on with the surrogacy process with the Biological mother.

The Third type is gestational surrogate method. The process includes the fertilization of Intended mother’s egg with the intended father’s sperm in a laboratory dish and then placing it into the surrogate mother’s uterus to let it further develop into a child. The method is usually brought into practice when the either the intended mother is unable to carry on a child over a period of nine months, either she is suffering from hysterectomy, or have any other health complication which are stopping her from becoming a mother by Natural ways.
Compensations involved

In most of the cases, the surrogate mother receives compensations from the Intended parents over a period of nine months while she carries the child for them. This amount usually gets separated in 9 installments and the surrogate mother receives the payment on a monthly basis to take care of all her expenses along with her family. Moreover, the amount is not equal to every month due to the fact that there are high chances of a miscarriage during the first three months and that’s why the amount is kept less in that period.

How the fee is calculated?

When it comes to countries where the system is streamlined and laws are in place, the agency or the surrogate mother can’t ask for more amounts than what has been quoted as ‘Feasible” in legal terms. Any violation for the same would attract a penalty or punishment in all those cases but still the major issue comes over in the countries where there aren’t any laws placed for the same process by the government and legal authorities. This is the reason why most of the people goes for International surrogacy or getting it done at countries where process comes in cheap rates.

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