People are often confused when it comes to varied terminology used when they talk about sound system surround. Actually, the cinema home systems subject is invaded by different terms which describe the same thing. A home cinema is a home theater or a surround sound system. If we take a look at the main components of a cinema home system, we'll understand better the terminology.
A cinema home system is generally composed by 3 major components. Some systems may have more components, but there are 3 basic ones.

The screen

The term is clear: the screen may be even your television set, and in high-end systems you can use an digital projector or the best TV that you can find.

The reception devices

It represents what you are using for receiving the images and the sound. The TV cable, a Blu-Ray player or DVD, an iPod/iPad or the game consoles that are used on a large scale with the cinema home system. The modern systems offer you the possibility to use different reception devices.

Sound system

The components through which the sound is processed and delivered to your room. The sound equipment is the center of your system. There is a wide range of options when it comes about the choosing of a sound system.
The sound system used for home cinema it is composed of sound amplifier and speakers. Having different configurations, the 5.1 sound system is the most popular right now. The 7.1 systems catch up and, because their price decrease rapidly, they'll become soon market leaders. The 5.1 systems have 6 speakers – 5 main speakers frequently named satellite and a subwoofer which has a speaker specialized in transmitting the low frequency sounds of the bass.

The surround sound amplifier is also known as receptor or A/V receiver. You can match it with an amplifier. Practically, it's processing the sound from the receiver and sends it to speakers based on system configuration. It controls the volume and amplifies the sound transmitted to speakers. The integrated sound amplifier will perform these things, will allow you to select different devices and will control the sound system. It's the brain behind the operation and that’s why is the most expensive component from the system. A good sound equipment will be the heart of any home cinema system.

In some systems, the integrated amplifier is replaced by separated components. You'll have a surround processor and a sound amplifier, distinctly. These ones may be very expensive and complicated. The quality of the integrated system is so big today that the purchasing of a processor and a surround sound amplifier, separately, doesn't justify the extra time and the investment.

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