Don’t be afraid to love today,
For Gods love is like a blanket they say,
warm and comforting
washing pain.
Finding Peace
Never ending Peace.

Don’t be afraid to Smile today
For God’s Joy will help you stay
Dancing with the stars
as they did sway
To the call of the angels
while we pray

peace will reign within your heart
and you will be blessed
with the blanket of rest
So you can face the year to come
healed and loved
in abundance

and may
Your heart be singing.
with Joy be ringing

as you dance , and dance and dance
your cares away.
and hold fast to your blaket of peace
of joy
of hope
of peace

Seasons Blessing
By Dilani Diva

Author's Bio: 

Dilani Diva is a spiritual Psychic and a spiritual Guru. She has been helping many through her gifts of channelling for many years. Dilani focusses on The lives of people and their personal development. Wether is be Love, or Life or Personal Power. She Channels in with her guide to give us spiritual guidance and messages. Her focus is the development of each ones spiritual journey. Dilani also predicts for the future. However the future depends on each one's path and so she provides insights for one's achievements. To learn more about this mystical eastern Psychic visit her website and spiritual studio at
Or call 877-677-3482 for your personal reading.