We want the meeting to end but wait...did I learn ANYTHING?

I was sitting in the school conference room, waiting for the meeting to
begin. I think, from what I could see, everyone was waiting for the meeting to start so that it could end and we could all get outside (it was a beautiful, sunny day). Well, finally the meeting did start and the
meeting's agenda was handed out to everyone. Among the top five items on the relatively short list, I saw "Juggling Activity". That heading immediately caught my attention.

As the first presenter started and people were doing their best to be
polite and nod along, we finally got to the "Juggling" activity. A
colleague got up with about 15 colored balloons in her hands and told us
that here are some of the responsibilities a typical teacher faces in a
given school year. These include: 1st day and week of school preparation, PT (Parent-Teacher) interviews, Planning for everyday lessons, Report Cards, Extra-help, Planning, Curriculum Sharing and Peer Support, Duty time, Special Ed. planning and Filing of OSR Documents (to name just a few.) We were also told that the colored balloons would be thrown in the air and that we were not allowed to let any of them fall to the floor!

Well, the first couple of balloons were thrown up and people easily and
somewhat playfully started bouncing them around, then more balloons were
thrown up and people started chasing the balloons faster. Then the rest
were thrown up and people started to scramble around to hit them, with
many getting help from their friends and colleagues to hit them and not
let them fall to the floor.

What Does This Mean?

When we have a couple of balloons in the air (responsibilities that we
need to juggle), we do so with enough ease and even maybe having fun with it.
The more balloons that are thrown into the mix, it becomes more and more
challenging (and less playing around) to make sure we catch all the balloons (and metaphorically, not fall short of our responsibilities.)

The Biggest Thing I Noticed

Well, the biggest thing by far that I noticed was that when the balloons
started coming harder and faster, people immediately took care of the
balloons that were headed their way, and the ones headed to their friends.
I even noticed one guy (these two guys are so similar and really love
hanging out together) who reached a good few feet to catch his balloon and
make sure he caught his friend's balloon (even though it was considerably
further away).

So What Was Your Point, Christine?

The point is that good friends who influence you positively are so important to have, but good friends will not always be able to guide you to the accomplishment of a goal the way a coach can (and does)! A good coach is essential because we ALL have things we want to accomplish in our lives, a good coach will discover where you are AND WILL GUIDE YOU IN TAKING STEPS IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! How awesome would it be if you could figure out EXACTLY what steps you need to take in order to get to exactly where you wanted to be?

An Opportunity
Here is the opportunity I pose to you:

Please send in a 2-3 minute video blurb about whom you are and one thing in your life that you would really want to change. The top 3 videos from people (as chosen by myself and my staff) will receive 5 FREE hour-long coaching sessions that helps you get exactly WHAT YOU WANT! After the 5 sessions, we will outline all the awesome changes you made, challenges you overcame and how you grew as a person!
Deadline to submit initial video will be Friday May 6, 2011.
(Timing of Coaching Sessions will be made upon mutually convenient times)

For more information, check out learntoday.ca or send us an email at Christine@Learntoday.ca

Author's Bio: 

Christine Topjian is a Certified Teacher and a Certified Coach who specializes in the area of Goal-Setting for the Empowerment of people. She specializes in breaking down and conquering the self-limiting beliefs and ideas people have, so that they may ensure total success of what they desire!