The increase in domestic crimes such as burglary, breaking and entering, home invasion etc. is causing havoc and mortal fear in the neighborhoods all across the united states. With the current state of security concerns, home security has become an obligation for all homeowners. As per the facts and figures, surveillance cameras play an instrumental role, not only in capturing the crimes, but also in preventing them from happening. According to a quantitative research conducted from the convicted burglars by the Justice and Criminology department of the university of north carolina, 60% of the intruders tend to look around to make sure whether or not the premises is being monitored by the surveillance cameras, and incase of a premises that is being monitored, 40% of the intruders tend to flee.

Even though the facts and figures should be sufficient enough to cement the importance of surveillance equipment people still tend to question the utility of security cameras. There are plenty of real life success stories that further testify the essence of surveillance cameras within a premises. Following are some of the most note-worthy success stories that further solidify the utility of surveillance cameras:

  • A testimony from Massachusetts told that a homeowner was alerted about the intrusion through the security camera midway through the act of crime. Thereby, he was able to call in the authorities and the criminals were apprehended before any real damage could take place.
  • Another testimony from Florida told that a surveillance video from a doorbell camera aided in the identification of a burglar who was attempting to break into the house.
  • A testimony from Pittsburg told the story of a homeowner who was victimised to a series of thefts. After having a surveillance camera installed in the premises, the homeowner was able to identify and press charges against the perpetrator.
  • A success story from the police department of Memphis Tennessee told that they were able to crack multiple cases of home and auto-burglary through the surveillance cameras installed within the home premises.

These are just a few of numerous success stories that further solidify the instrumentality of surveillance cameras for home security. There are certain insurance companies also offer discounts to homeowners that are conscious enough to install home security cameras at their premises. Nonetheless, the essential purpose of installing security cameras is undeniable, that is, to keep your valuables and loved ones safe and secure.

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Although the statistics should be sufficient, there are plenty of real life success stories that further testify the essence of surveillance cameras within a premises.