The world of social media doesn't just involve socializing. Social media marketing is quickly becoming quite a large part of business marketing campaigns worldwide. Businesses, big and small, are using social networking sites to capture the attention of clients, and in the process are finding a wealth of new opportunity.

While social networking is an excellent tool, it doesn't just stop at sending out tweets, status updates, answering questions and writing up blog posts. Social media is evolving so quickly that the opportunities for Internet marketing are now endless.

The trick to succeeding with the ever evolving world of the Internet is to think outside the box. Whether you are sending out a blog, a white paper or a survey through social media, you have to ensure you are not only targeting the right people but that you are providing excellent thought provoking content that will get you noticed.

How do you effectively capture the attention of your audience while networking online? And how do you guarantee you all come away with valuable information?

An excellent method of attracting the right audience through social networking sites is to distribute a survey and report. Using this strategy provides you with the ability to get into the minds of your niche market so you are better able to achieve business success and offers your market with some helpful information to take away with them. The most important aspect of social media marketing is to narrow your focus. Once you have focused on a specific group to target, it is time to provide them with valuable information so they gain interest and want to come back for more.

Here are five ways to conduct an effective online survey and see results:

Be Professional

When you consider distributing a survey to your targeted group, you have to make sure they will know who their information is going to. Otherwise they may not be willing to participate. An excellent tool is Survey Monkey. Survey Monkey provides excellent value. At only $200 a year, this tool allows you to add your own logo and brand. Placing your logo and brand on any information you send out to contacts will set you apart from your competition and help them recognize who you are.

Remember that Keywords play a Big Role

Whether you are tweeting or sending a status update about your review, it is important to ensure the correct key words are in place. Think of enticing words such as the word FREE. And tell your audience what they will receive in return. Provide a reason why someone would want to participate and think up words that would be attractive to your connections.

Develop Key Questions

Think about making some of the questions focused on personal information. Consider asking for an email address and name. You would be surprised just how many people are willing to provide this information in the right circumstance.

Connect with a Fire starter

A fire starter is someone who is popular and has many online followers on their social networking sites. All a fire starter has to do is mention a topic and the buzz will be set. It's much like dropping a match in the center of a wood pile and watching it catch fire. If you do not have a large following online, consider connecting with a fire starter and having them send out a buzz for you. Of course offer incentive in return, such as your report or a copy of your Ebook upon completion.

Deliver what you Promise

If you promise to provide a free report, you must be prepared to deliver it. And be sure to answer any questions or concerns participants have. If the report is based on a business or event, answer to participant needs and provide contact information whenever possible.

Conducting a survey is an excellent way to generate interest, acquire contacts and learn more about the needs and expectations of your niche market. Follow the steps above to achieve your business success and become a recognized participant in your social networking circle.

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