If someone heard a loud bang, they could end up experiencing a strong reaction. Their whole body could end up freezing and they could stop breathing, that’s if their breathing doesn’t become very shallow.

Before long, they could end up getting out of this state and going to see what exactly took place. This doesn’t mean that they will be completely at ease at this stage, but they won’t be so paralyzed with fear that they are unable to move or to breath.

Back To Normal

What they could end up seeing is that something has fallen over or there has been a car nearby that has blown up. Irrespective of what it is, once they have seen what has taken place they should be able to settle down again.

When it comes to how they usually experience life, they could typically breathe into their stomach and feel calm, know what it is like to experience joy, to feel free and to think clearly. This will show that they are able to operate as a whole human being.

Inner Harmony

Their survival brain is going to kick in when it needs to but it won’t be hyperactive, which will allow the other parts of their brain to work properly. As a result of this, they will be able to feel but they generally won’t be overwhelmed by this part of them.

Along with this, they will be able to use their thinking brain to from conclusions and to plan things, amongst other things. This part of them typically won’t be out of control, thereby preventing them from having an overactive mind.

A Fulfilling Life

Having a mind that serves them as opposed to a mind that controls them is going to make their life a lot easier than it would be otherwise. Furthermore, being able to feel without being overwhelmed will give their life depth and meaning.

Also, this part of their being will provide them with guidance and a sense of wholeness. So as their brain and body is working in the right way, they will be able to embrace the life that they have been given.

A Positive Impact

Being in tune with how they feel will mean that they are able to experience deep and fulfilling relationships. This is because they will be able to connect with people at a deeper level.

When it comes to moving forward and going after their goals, the discomfort that they experience is unlikely to overwhelm them. Their survival brain might not be as calm as it usually is but it won’t get so worked up that they are unable to take action.

The Ideal

What is clear is that if everyone on this planet had a brain and body that was working in a harmonious manner, the planet would be very different. The inner harmony would probably lead to an outer harmony.

There wouldn’t be so much conflict inside so many people’s beings, so perhaps this would take away their need to create so much conflict in the world. The fact that there is so much chaos externally is surely a sign that there is a lot of chaos taking place internally.

A Different Reality

Anyway, when someone doesn’t experience inner harmony, it is likely to show that their brain and body is not working as it should. Consequently, it can be as if they are in an environment where there are loud bangs going off all the time.

Whether they are on dry land or not, it will be as though they are all at sea; they will rarely feel relaxed or experience inner peace. This will mean that they will typically breathe into their chest, meaning that they won’t have the tendency to breathe properly.

A Stressful Existence

Thinking clearly will often be hard, with them having a mind that is basically overactive most of the time. As for their emotions, this part of them will generally be anything but settled.

Going down further to their reptile brain, this part of them will be reacting as though they are literally in a war zone. In addition to the adrenaline that they experience, there will be a lot of anxiety, fear and even terror.

The Root

This part of their being will be the part that is stopping the other parts of their being from functioning properly. Instead of having the ability to respond to a threat when there is a threat, one will be responding as though their survival is constantly under threat.

This will be bad for their health and it will make it hard for them to live a life that is worth living. Getting close to others could be seen as being too much of a risk and going after their dreams, and getting uncomfortable, could be seen as being far too dangerous – their main priority will be to survive.

What Is Going On?

At one point in time, there is a strong chance that one experienced something incredibly traumatic. Yet, although this point in time has passed, their being is still responding as if it is still going on.

If one has been this way for as long as they can remember, it could show that they were abused and/or neglected during their early years. This would have been a time when they experienced hell on earth.


What they needed was to feel safe, secure and to be loved, but this wouldn’t have taken place. It won’t matter how many years have passed since they were a child as the trauma that they experienced will have stayed inside them.

This trauma probably won’t be resolved by changing their thoughts or focusing on their emotions. In the same way that animals shake of their trauma, one may also need to shake their trauma off.

There are a number of ways that this can take place. One way is through something called TRE; another way is through something called Somatic Experiencing.

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