Everyone has at least one. One family member that ruins the holiday for everyone, if you let them. Self hypnosis can help. My downloads contain a track for deep breathing, something you can do at the family dinner table, while driving, pretty much anywhere. There is also a guided meditation in addition to the hypnosis track. The tracks are split up intentionally to allow you to pick and choose based on time limitations, given how busy we all are, espeically this time of year. Check them out on itunes or via my website at www.umfer.org.
Also check out downloads for anger, insomnia, test anxiety, motivation to change, chronic pain, weightloss, smoking cessation and combat PTSD.

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Dr. Umfer is a licensed clinical psychologist with specialization in forensic and military psychology. She is also a certified meditation instructor and certified clinical hypnotherapist. For those who can't afford office visits, or do not reside in Florida, self hypnosis downloads are an easy and affordable way to meet your goals. www.umfer.org