The majority of people at some point in their lives will go through the ugly experience of a break up. This is always a difficult time and the stress can cause physical symptoms such as nausea, sleeplessness, over or under eating to name but a few. So how can you get yourself from feeling all the pain at the moment to a place where you are feeling fine again.Well here are five top tips on how to survive an break up and how to get over a broken heart:

1) If you chose to do the breaking up don't keep agonizing over the decision, You did it for probably very good reasons. Constantly churning over in your mind different scenarios is not going to help anybody and will only prolong your hurt. Instead look to the future.

2) Put your feelings down on paper. It is often a great release to just get your thoughts and feeling down on paper. It can aid you in seeing that things might actually not be that bad after all and helps keep things in perspective.

3) Organise yourself. take some time to get your house freshened up and looking organised again . Doing this helps take your mind off things. Stash away in a suitably sized case all your ex partners belongings. There is no need to keep having to look at those photos of you together every time you go into a room. Some people opt for burning these things yet do not forget that there were more than likely some very good times in the past which you might wish to recall one day so perhaps just store them away for now.

4) Begin socialising again. Avoid sitting at home wallowing in your own self pity and instead start to socialise again but of course avoid binge drinking.

5) Let go. Try to learn from your mistakes by reflecting on what happened in your relationship. Take responsibility for the mistakes you made and accept the situation you are now in. From this position it is much easier to let go of your ex and move on to a new and better life.

OK, with those points in mind you will find getting over a break up and dealing with a break up much easier and quicker to get over your ex and start living the life you deserve once more.

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