Shoes industry is improving productivity by modernizing plants.

Wenzhou is a coastal city where many shoes factories are located.

We can see several decades ago, thousands of small-scale shoemakers in Wenzhou set an example for the country on how to earn export dollars. But now they need to think more about the sustainable development.

Here is a survey conducted on shoemaker China Juyi Group.
Luo Li is vice-general manager of shoemaker China Juyi Group and he has talked proudly about how new laser machines have improved its productivity.

As she said, laser machine has shortened the working time greatly; making hollow patterns may spend a skilled worker an hour, which can be finished in two seconds by laser machine.

Few shoemakers worldwide have the technology. It boosts our efficiency exponentially, which is good for factory sustainable development.

By constantly improving its technology, Juyi managed to grow from a 20-strong workshop to a modern manufacturing base with 5,000 employees and annual exports of more than $100 million.

While many other local shoemakers have collapsed, Juyi has become bigger and stronger.

Such cases demonstrated that traditional industry needs to reform and bring in leading edge technology to improve high efficiency and cut down labor cost.

There are more channels for these traditional shoemaking factories to get more orders for further development, such as attending trade fair or develop online business.

As for online business, B2B platforms have helped many SMEs or some other traditional industries to find overseas business partners.

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