Our sustained existence calls for being in right relationship with the world, respecting our home in this planet while cohabitating with all aspects of life and nature – in harmony, not domination. It’s living from the inside out, with great concern for the future and those who will inhabit this planet after we are gone. We find harmony within our selves and then carry it out into the way we relate with the world – fully living our lives by enriching the experience and sustaining our existence. From this harmony, it is how we do things, who, and what we do those things with. It is letting go of the small self we only think we are and realizing the greater truth of who we really are, connected with and a part of the greater fabric of our collective all-ness. From this awakened truth we have the willingness, the courage and the knowledge to take the right actions for a sustainable future.

Let’s face it, we are smart enough and have the resources to solve for sustainability. Our intelligence has evolved as far as it can within the constraints of our physical bodies. We would need a larger head to be any smarter. And that would take evolution thousands and thousands of years to create. Fortunately though, there is the paradigm shifting opportunity to offload memory and repetitive thought processes to our hand-held computing devices, freeing our brains of these more mundane tasks and allowing us to engage the higher, intuitive capacity of the frontal cortex, or “god” mind. From this place we can access our own inner knowing. We will know what to do and will want to do what is right.

Our creative minds will be stimulated, as we are motivated to find solutions outside our current experience. Combined with our awakened truth, we have the opportunity for a higher community connected through the Internet, bringing together our collective intelligence. We will solve for the future as our current way of life begins to dissolve around us – the phoenix emerging from the ashes. And in so doing, we need not experience the pain and suffering of a dissolving way of life if we choose to actively participate in our future as it unfolds.

Sustainable living is simply a way of life that will sustain itself for the foreseeable future, where we live in harmony and right relationship with our place in the world so that we take a long-term view, considering our legacy and those who come after us, building towards the future rather than replicating the past. I know we are capable. I hope we have the courage.

Author's Bio: 

Barry Lipscomb is a writer, healer and mentor with a mission to empower people to reach their potential. Through a practice of Focalizing, Chakra Cleansing, Blessings and Rituals, he works with clients to heal what prevents them from realizing their potential, mentor them along their journey to a more meaningful life and explore the possibilities for a successful, prosperous and abundant future, creating a more sustainable life for his clients and our world. For more information visit www.barrylipscomb.com