For homeowners who are very much interested in a design that is friendly to the environment, it is good to think of investing in sustainable flooring. There is a floor in every room in your house so that means that the products used for flooring will form a good portion of the materials you are going to making use of when doing vinyl flooring installation in Odenton, MD. Many carpets, tile, or even wood choices are not good for the environment so by going for green alternatives, you are helping in decreasing the carbon footprint of your residence. Here are some options you can consider in place of the vinyl flooring installation in Odenton, MD:

  • Certified Wood

Some ethical companies have gone out of their way to ensure that they get the needed certification from the relevant bodies. Wood that has been certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council is one that has been harvested in line with the very strict standards put in place. Different woods can be certified and examples include the American cherry, beech, hickory, or tiger wood.

It is not a cheap thing to get certified so only the best and most ethical enterprises go for it. If there are wood mills in your area, you can take time to check their manufacturing and harvesting details as that will even save you good money.

  • Reclaimed Materials

Here is another wonderful option that you can take into consideration if you want something apart from sustainable timber. For someone interested in protecting the environment, oak boards or even laminate tiles may not be the best options but if these materials can be reclaimed from a landfill, for example, it is a nice deal. The reclaimed materials have been manufactured already so there is no harm in using them.

Reclaimed materials can be sourced in several ways when doing vinyl flooring repair in Odenton, MD. There are now construction firms and even garden centers that have particular units for the reclaimed item orders. You can even approach the source directly when you see a building that is to be demolished or slated for renovation. It is also a nice way to save some good funds.

  • Cork

Even though many know this as the material used in making wine bottle caps or corkboards, it is also good as a flooring material that is friendly for the environment. Cork itself is sourced from a tree but the harvesting is done in a way that the tree is not killed and it even grows back on time. This is one of the most sustainable products that anyone can make use of in the home.

Cork is an excellent flooring material with vinyl flooring repair in Odenton, MD as it is soft and can replace tiles in areas like the bathroom. It is also very easy to clean, unlike a carpet and it is very easy to clean and does not collect dust, pet dander, and other allergic substances. Cork is also a natural insulator so it helps in reducing the bill you spend on heating your home while also reducing the noise level.



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