It takes work to uphold a strong and sustainable relationship. This is why many people fail at keeping a relationship for a longer period. Are you looking to expand your mind on how to keep those butterflies lasting longer with your relationship? If so, follow the ten tips mentioned below and you will be on the right path.

Devoted And Deliberate

Your relationship is built off of the core values that were put in place from day one. This means, that if you train yourself to relive those moments of your initial meetings, you will see your partner for the true person they were. This will then help you determine if you have changed over the years with this person.

Yes, almost everyone goes through changes that we might not see, however, if they were negative ones, then this may need to be adjusted on your behalf. In the beginning, you were devoted to your partner.

You also made plans to deliberately acquire that smile you longed to seek on a daily basis. Therefore, be continuous from this point forward and bring out that devotion and deliberately get them to smile more often. Remind yourself that it was not always them who has changed, but you have as well.

They Are Not You

Your partner is the love of your life, and that light is still there if you are looking for ways to improve your relationship, or you would have given up by now. One of the biggest fails that most people forget in a long-term relationship, is that your partner is not you.

Yes, you have been together for a period of time and have picked up a lot of similar traits, but your partner is still an individual and needs to feel that every so often. For example, if there was a situation that occurred, you need to remember that your partner will not think exactly like you and how you may have handled it, they are not you.

You can give advice on a personal level of what you would have done to help them in the future if it were to happen again. Relationships are funny as they become more extended throughout the years, your partner will pick up features and traits that are like yours, and will even finish your sentences, however, you need to remember, they are not you.

Communication Blocks

Each person has a wall built up in their head that is sometimes impossible to break, much less if it is your partners. If there are any barriers or blocks in your communication line, finding a solution to break them down is key to a successful relationship.

There are ways to bring up subjects that your partner may have a hard time communicating, as long as it is placed appropriately. For example, if your partner comes home from work and looks exhausted, they may be more likely to have that wall put up.

However, if you both are laying down watching a flick that could relate to some of the topics you know they have a hard time discussing, then get close and put your arm around them and show them you are their shield. Those blocks will start to break over time, just be prepared to show support for whatever it is and be prepared to handle it if it were to be brought back up at a random future date.

Privacy And Faith

Each individual will notice through a relationship that items and space will be invaded at one moment or another. If you want to keep your relationship strong, then be aware of certain areas that your partner cherishes, and share openly that you respect their space.

For example, if your partner asks you to grab the key out of a purse, then tell them no because that is theirs and you have no right touching their personal purse. They may look at you odd at first, and still insist you get them, but that initial privacy subject will grow stronger, and they will start to have faith in your words.

They will know that the purse is theirs, and will respect that you won’t just invade their space whenever they walk out of the room. This can go for phones, or wallets, makeup-bags, and offices. Consider if you would like them invading your personal things, and if not, don’t do it to them.

If there is something that they have to hide, have faith, that over time one way or another it will be shown. Therefore, show faith in their privacy and they will give you theirs.

Don’t Forget To Fight

All relationships will bring about fights one day or another. It could be just about not putting that dish away, or putting on a seat belt. However, fighting is an aspect of relationships that everyone needs to have in order to grow. It is where passion and understanding get resolved.

Therefore, find the right ways to incorporate a healthier way to fight. Fighting can help your relationship grow stronger and help both of you push through some tough times. Therefore, do not forget to fight, just fight in a healthier way, and let them express their issues, as you will have to do it also.

Just remember what you say, you cannot take back, it will be remembered, so be tactful. After the fight is over, you both will have a deeper connection of how each one feels and can learn to adjust to the situation from there.

Compromise & Negotiate

Relationships will not stand the test of time if you do not know how to compromise. This can make or break a relationship. If you are not a fan of your partner having to take a bath every night and want one of your own, consider if you can take one at an earlier time during the day, or get a second bathtub.

Compromise is a key feature of a successful relationship. If you and your partner can not compromise and middle ground your differences, then find a way to make it happen, it is essential if you want the relationship to continue on a healthier path.

Talk And Love

Over time, talking can become repetitive with your partner. However, they are not you, and they may have forgotten that they just told you about the weekend party days ago. Therefore, just let them express their concerns about the party and give them a response similar, yet different, to the one you already gave them.

You then later can bring up the fact that you have already discussed the party, and laugh about the repetitiveness. Talking is a way to get a deeper connection about who you are and most of all, your partner. Talking can allow us to gain further insights on how your partner thinks and how they might react later on.

This is essential if you want to improve your relationship status. Show your partner love, and talk about it often, and they will automatically feel they need to do the same. Its human nature to care about someone that cares for you, as long as it is verbally communicated.

Appreciate Your Partner

Appreciation can go a long way in a relationship. Therefore, show them you appreciate them on all levels, even their flaws. Respect them and show them you care, and they will give you the same back. Successful long-term relationships take a lot of work when it comes to appreciation. You will take them for granted, as they will you.

However, if you notate the fact that you may be taking them for granted, step back and adjust that part of yourself. Once you have shown them appreciation and made it a point you do not want to take them for granted, they will do the same, and your relationship will grow deeper.

Intimacy And Touch

As you are aware, being intimate with your partner is essential for a healthy relationship. If you are going through a hard time, grab your partners hand and dance with them in the kitchen at a random moment. Touch has a way of connecting you to your partner.

Find ways to touch your partner, even if is just a simple head scratch while laying down at night or a hug throughout the day. Touch will enhance the way you feel about your partner and will help your partner see that they can do the same.

Find ways to touch your partner, even if it doesn’t lead to intimacy, touch will show them you are still their shield and make them feel safe.

Build Up Trust

Trust is by far the most essential key element of a strong relationship. If there was no trust built in the beginning, now would be the time to start. Your partner is your choice, as you are theirs, however, trust has to be intact, or the relationship will fail.

Have faith in your partner, and show them you trust them, if you show them that trust is non-existent, then your relationship may not last. Trust that they are going to their friend’s house, and show them you support in their decisions, as in turn, they will do the same for you over time.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, just remember, there will still be problems, and conflicts through the duration of the relationship, however, it is how you handle the arising issues that will allow you to pursue your relationship to the next level and sustain itself. Follow the tips mentioned above and your relationship will grow stronger and deeper each moment you both are together.

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Christina studied culture and linguistics at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany. After graduation, she began writing articles for online newspapers and magazines. She also continues working as a dating blogger and webmaster. In her spare time Christina enjoys spending time with her family and friends in sunny Malta.