Obesity is the cause of most health- related problems today, so if you have those extra layers of fat, you need to start shedding them. To help you get rid of excess weight is Rob Poulos’s Fat Burning Furnace program. It not only helps you in reducing your weight but also tells you how to raise your energy level, build the tissues in your muscles and change your health conditions for the better. The creator of this program has had first hand experience in the realm of instant weight loss diets, losing belly fat naturally and leads you into the fat burning furnace secrets.

How it works: The Fat Burning Furnace program incorporates workout and nutritious diets, which need to be followed closely for best results. Rob, in his 158 page guide, focuses on increasing the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) of the body such that calories are burned even without having to cut out on or change food habits drastically. There are sample food plans and all you have to do is meet the basic needs of your body. The workouts are slow and involve full body exercises, which serve the purpose of tiring the muscles out. The time required for the exercises is limited to less than 30 minutes and is clearly effective.

Side effects: There are no side effects to the Fat Burning Furnace program. You either gain the trimmed look, or you don’t.


• The Fat Burning Furnace program is detailed and the free flowing conversational tone it takes up is easily understandable.

• The workouts do not involve much time and yet are effective.

• Any queries arising can be solved by contacting the author himself.

• It comes with reviews and includes testimonials, and therefore states its authenticity.


• As there are workouts involved, for losing belly fat naturally along with other things, you need access to a gym.

• It focuses mostly on exercises and so the fat burning secrets remain unknown to those who do not like working out.

Consumer reaction:

Many have benefitted from following the Fat Burning Furnace program rather than going on instant weight loss diets. People using this system have been able to lose a considerable amount of weight. The testimonials contained within the guide serves as a proof.

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