Looking for various small kitchen appliances such as electric kettles, blenders, ice cube makers, slow juice makers and many more with preferred design shapes, cost and modification. You could choose our service which provides original equipment manufacture where you can configure our items to your preference.

For instance when you design a product from the start and give it to us to manufacture for mass production. We also provide Original Design manufacturer often referred to as private labeling, you can request modifications such as the size of the product, color and packaging. With ODM you can contact us to have your product branded with your brand and company information. There are various benefits to using Suzubin OEM and ODM services, such as;

• Exclusivity to sell the kitchen appliances
• The customization of the appliances are almost complete
• Little to no product development cost
• Minimum order quantity required

Suzubin has it own design group with the ability to introduce specific source to perform certain functions and lower cost and we are also capable of using the latest technology for your approach. We also provide flexible designs that can meet all your requirements.

We offer various custom alternatives up to your specific needs with the aim to maximize your interests in kitchen appliances and strive for perfection in every aspect of execution and in operation with close supervision during designing and production for customers review.

This gives a strong responsibility that the company keeps with constant drive for improving the production process and the quality control, so as to ensure that the products delivered meets the customer requirements.

Suzubin OEM and ODM kitchen appliances ultimate goal is that we try our possible best to exceed the expectations of each customer, provide excellent customer service, flexibility with greater value, and create the appropriate internal environment and make use of the operation efficiency for the best production of small kitchen appliances.

We have various range of professional skills to pursue perfection in all aspects of operation and execution. The company develops reasonable design specifications based on the production cycle for the customer's approval with regular monitoring in the model stage.

We continously improve the production process and control the quality to ensure that the delivered appliances are up to the customers expectations. Suzubin company is an industry with kitchen appliances solution that realizes the combination of innovation, practicality and designs to regularly lead and explore the kitchen appliances details.

We participate in every stage of the product development to ensure the perfect blend of our customer’s product expectation against the best of our excellent craftsmanship with advice from professionals and excellent technical support.

To fulfill the customers high expectation quality requirements, we aim to maintain a close working relationship to use the right products meeting the right expectations.

A variety of materials from plastic tic to metal are available for your choice and approach us with your appearance design that will bring it to life with the perfect packing style of your choice.

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Suzubin always loved by OEM and ODM in global small home appliance market and also has many advanced assembly lines and several subsidiaries for producing various kinds of products and die-casting, plastic injection.