I have been wanting to ask this for a long time but didn't want to bother you until had exhausted other sources. Anyhow, for the past year and half have been experiencing something that I haven't been able to find an explanation for.

When sitting in meditation (i was doing healing bowls then, now chakra cleansing).I began experiencing a side-to-side swaying movement in my upper body--like a pendulum--which I couldn't control without some effort..that lasted 6 months or so (I thought it was a spirit communicating with me :-)
Also asked stu wilde about it (did a course with him) and he said side-to-side was a good movement because the body was trying to slip out or something ..which I didn't understand.

Since then it has been like a spinning + spiralling kind of movement. you know sometimes can feel something like a butter-churning stick in centre of me, which is spinning and around it a spiralling energy--sometimes the spiral stays with the lower 2-3 chakras, sometimes goes up and down. And my upper body moves with it.
and now it's become so weird that I can feel this spiralling movement if I sit motionless for even a few seconds, like right now in front of laptop! or if standing and chatting at a party or something..what I mean is I think the movement is going on all the time but when I am motionless it becomes obvious..i think.
so what is going on and what am I supposed to do with it?
thanks for any help


This sounds like a simple matter of the body moving as a way of facilitating the release of some old blockage. It is a manifestation of Kundalini energy moving up the body as a result of your spiritual practices. It really is nothing worth bothering about. It will subside on its own as soon as the underlying issue is cleared. What you want to be careful about is not giving it your attention and interest. Because as we know, what you put your attention on will become stronger. That means that if we become overly fascinated in something like this, and determined to discover the deeper significance of it, then that attention in itself is likely to make it persist even beyond its natural course. A simpler and more effective approach is to take the position that the swaying motion is not absolutely necessary to the release process. And if, in spite of this attitude, the rocking continues, then you know it is serving a real purpose, so be neutral with it until it is done.


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