The textile and garment industry of Vietnam has a long tradition and history. The industry is one of the important sectors of the country’s economy. Currently, the country has around 6,000 textile and garment manufacturing companies that employ around 2.5 million employees. This makes Vietnam the second top garment exporter in the world.

Although the industry is facing a lot of problems due to changes in some of the existing trade agreements, it is still making progress. This is attributed to the fact that skills of the workers are improving, productivity is improving and the quality of the products is getting better.

Soon, the country’s garment industry will get a further impetus from a recent relationship with the Textile Machinery Association of Sweden (TMAS).

Notably, the association was found in 1997 to help its member companies improve their export performance. TMAS has 9 member companies including ACG Nyström AB, Baldwin Jimek AB, Eltex, ES Automatex Solution AB, Eton Systems AB, IRO AB, ACG Kinna Automatic AB, Svegea of Sweden AB and Texo AB. The association has recently established an office in the 7th District of Ho Chi Minh City as well.

The member companies are well-established leaders in textile manufacturing. The companies help the industries of different countries with production expertise, textiles manufacturing knowledge and excellent products and services.

It is pertinent to add here that TMAS was recently present at Saigon Tex 2018, the biggest expo for the textiles and garment in Vietnam. The textile fair provided TMAS with an opportunity to showcase their innovative technology, knowledge and quality. The exhibits further assured that the association will be of great help in improving the performance and efficiency of Vietnam’s textile and garment industry.

According to the Secretary-General of TMAS, Therese Premier-Andersson, Vietnam is poised for expansive growth and development and a major market for the association. The member companies consider the country to have immense potential and endless possibilities to add value to an important local industry. Therefore, it has decided to implement technological advancements and innovative production processes in the Vietnam textile and garment industry.

TMAS will help Vietnamese manufacturers by offering advanced technical support in the form of new-age machinery, equipment and management solutions to support and enhance the production processes. These companies have the resources to provide after-sales service as and when required. Along with the smart solutions, the association will also help in promoting environmental and social sustainability in the country.

With support from TMAS, the Vietnamese textile industry will be able to adopt new technologies and thereby, automation. This will help them shift from low-end clothing manufacturing to high-end fashion apparels and top quality garments production, to maintain its lead in the global apparel market.

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Mayank Mohindra is an author on apparel, fashion, and textile industry.His articles are based on latest apparel industry news, textile news and/or analysis of the dynamics of global apparel trade, and fashion industry.