200 kg - as much weighed the desktop computer that ran the first Swedish computer games with motion graphics. Now it appears on Technical museum exhibition "Computer games" starting January 19.

At the computer, D2, was a concept model from Saab as the steering was via a bakelite box programmer Goran Sundqvist. He had a contract to develop a "game" as a concrete way would display the results of mathematical calculations for decision makers in the military. From this pioneering program dated 1960, visitors then see and test the following generations of interactive entertainment to today playstation etc.

Gaming computer with new technology

Powerful portable gaming has received an upgrade in the form of both new generation processors and graphics cards. How fast is it? We tested one of the first, Asus G750JX.

Since Intel released fourth-generation Core processors code-named Haswell in early summer, we both peeked at the processor for stationary use , and tested a couple of ultra-thin laptops with Haswell processors primarily designed for low power consumption. In both cases, the processor has its advantages, but it is mainly in the mobile context that it comes into its own.

Therefore, it is interesting to see what a true high-performance notebook PC with Haswell processor can handle. A few other manufacturers have upgraded their old models of gamer notebook from last spring, but Asus suit and release a brand new model named G750. These come with a little bit of extra letters for. Our test model named JX, and in addition to new processor is also one of Nvidia's new mobile graphics card, the Geforce GTX 770M with three gigabytes of onboard memory. An even more powerful model called G750JH coming later this fall, then with a bit sharper graphics.

Buy a new gaming dator in 2018

Finding the best gaming dator based on your needs and circumstances today are not easy. The range of gaming computers are huge and they may have a price tag ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of crowns. Additionally, there are several factors that must be taken into account.

The question of the gaming datorer to buy is thus not easy to answer. Sure, you have plenty of money in your wallet, you can of course choose the first best gaming computer you will find (as long as it's from a reputable computer store). But you have a very limited budget, you have to carefully compare different models and options if you want a good gaming computer that can handle the latest and most demanding dator games at great graphics settings and with good flow (about 60 FPS or higher). A gamingdator is after all a product that you probably want to use for a long time to come and buy the wrong from the beginning, it can be a very costly affair.

On this site we will therefore go through what may be good to consider when you're buying a new gaming dator. We also describe the various pros and cons of desktop gaming computer or laptop. Hope you find the information and our advice on this site useful! Nice reading!

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