Use of computer software for accomplishing different tasks of our day to day activities has not made our life an easy going process but has also made the maintenance of machines easier as compared to yester years. Well this might surprise that how the use of software is helpful in maintaining the functionality of any machine because as a general practice being a techno savvy people of today’s generation you must be using different software and applications only while working on computers or mobile handsets. But, if you move your eyes towards your beloved car then you will be surprised to know that the functionality of your car is also controlled through software and little disturbance in its programming might stop you from driving your car.

Going through the technical developments across the world in the field of car manufacturing, now days it has become imperative for the technicians involved in the profession car repairing maintenance to have proper knowledge of using the software while servicing the car brought in their garage. Interestingly, going through this requirement now days different type of training courses are being initiated for the aspirants and technicians willing to work as car technician. Swiftec Master Training is one such course that has been developed for the technicians who are willing to explore their career in the field of remapping engine control unit.

You will agree that depreciation in the functionality is the natural process of every machine and therefore decline in the drivability of car is not an exception to it. The decline in the functionality of car is witnessed in the form of its acceleration, power generation efficiency and fuel efficiency, due to which sometimes car owners even plan to replace their existing car with the new one. But as buying a new car is not like a buying any gadget for your use the car owners have to think for options which are helpful in controlling their expenses over car maintenance.

Interestingly by remapping the engine control unit of car they are able to combat with different problems associated with the remapping of engine control unit. As the ECU is controlled through software configured in it, remapping it involves re-writing the software program determined for controlling the functionality of various components linked with ECU through sensors. Change in the program results in improving the performance of car at the price that best suits to the pocket of the car owner.

Nevertheless as the whole process is complex and computerized there are various software’s used to carry out the whole process. Swiftec Software is one such software that is helpful in remapping the engine control unit of the car. To learn the basics of this software the students are required to undergo the five day Swiftec Training course during which they are taught the fundamentals of ECU remapping and also the method of using the Swiftec software for further remapping.

The students learn the use of software for remapping diesel and gasoline engines separately. The major topics covered under the course are referred below:

  1. Methods of using the deactivation models e.g DPF, EGR, DTC, 02 and Speed Limiters
  2. Diesel Remapping
  3. Gasoline NA Remapping and
  4. Gasoline Turbo Remapping

During the pursuance of the course along with the theoretical knowledge the students also undergo practical training so as to understand the problems which they will face while working as individual ECU remapping expert. An interesting feature of this course is that it also offered to even off shore students who cannot attain the classes due to vast geographical distance. Interestingly for such students classes are organized online through skype and video calling.

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Along with this depending upon the preference of students individual courses are also initiated by the institutes focusing mainly on the type of engine configuration whether diesel, gasoline or turbo engine preferred by the student.