As nations begin to steer towards the relaxation of norms, economies are recovering at a slow but steady pace. With restaurants having nowhere to go, third-party delivery platforms became the need of the hour.

One crucial headline is that Swiggy, the Indian-based food delivery giant, resurrects after the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform has announced that it has witnessed 85% pre-COVID-19 levels. With Swiggy Clone expecting full recovery by the end of this year, here’s why launching a food delivery app like Swiggy can be beneficial and profitable.

Swiggy and Recovery

The platform Swiggy released a statement in October stating its recovery throughout different regions in India. Here are some key takeaways,

  • Swiggy’s sales have recovered almost 80-85% of pre-COVID-19 levels pan India.
  • In certain regions, the platform has witnessed 95% and even more than 100% of the pre-COVID-19 levels.
  • The platform claims to have added 7000 restaurants per month, a significantly higher number with 3000 more than pre-COVID levels.
  • Of the 7000 restaurants, 6000 eateries are small and medium-scale outlets, leading to a shift in intent among restaurants.
  • Before COVID-19, the platform usually joined hands with 3500 small and medium-scale restaurants only.
  • Besides, Swiggy has added more than 50,000 restaurants under its jumpstart package, helping restaurants recover from the pandemic.

Lucrative benefits

As an entrepreneur, one needn’t have second thoughts about investing in a Swiggy clone app. Here’s why,

  • Customer convenience: Customers can order from their desired restaurants and enjoy them in the comfort of their homes. This convenience factor can propel your success through the ceiling.
  • Massive customer base: Restaurants signing up with the platform can have access to a wide customer base.
  • Revenue from various sources: With an app like Swiggy, one can earn income from numerous sources, including commissions, subscriptions, ads, etc.

Wrapping up,

With Swiggy Clone you poised to reach full recovery by the end of this year, do not miss out on this lucrative business opportunity. Initiate your app development today.

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