Gold coast is a favorite spot for tourists from all parts of the globe. What's more, it's a wonderful city renowned for its many opportunities and appeals. One of the famous attractions is sandy beaches and incredible marine life. If it's your first time visiting the Gold coast, brace yourself for a fun experience watching or swimming with stunning creatures like turtles, whales, sharks, dolphins, and more.

When I the best time to tour the gold coast?

Gold coast boasts beautiful weather all year round. You expect bright sunshine all year, and this is ideal for beach activities and whale watching. Leading tour operators will tell you that the best time to tour is between May and October. In August, this is the peak for whale migration, and it's also a mating season that occurs along the humpback highway.

While you can visit between November and April, you don't expect any boat tours or parties around this time. But, you'll likely get the best deals on accommodation since this is a low season.

What do I expect during the whale and turtle watching tour?

Over 30,000 whales visit the Gold coast during the whale watching season. You hope to see bottlenose dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles during your whale watching cruise. However, it's best to opt for high places where you can get a great vantage point or a cruise where you can get close with the creatures.

Again, Gold coast offers multiple day tours to give you the best view during the season. Inquire about the best whale watching cruises, what suits you best. Examples of unique places to watch whales and swim with turtles include Burleigh Hill, Elephant Rock, and Point Danger Lookout.

What are the best whale watching tips to enhance your experience?

Turtle and whale watching is a fantastic experience that can be of great benefit to conservation benefits. However, it should be done with guidance not to harm the habitat. Here are tips to enhance your experience when swimming with these beautiful creatures.

• Wear protective clothing

Sometimes the sea gets rough, and you need the right shoes to slide on the deck. During your Swim with turtles Gold Coast tour, wear slip-proof shoes to avoid slips and injuries during the cruise. Moreover, wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the harmful sun's rays and sunburns. Also, drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

• Combat sea sickness beforehand.

If you're prone to motion sickness, take some medicines to calm your stomach before boarding the bat. Opt for ginger lollies or sea sickness tablets and take breakfast. This will minimize your chances of getting sick and furnish your body with the essential nutrients.

Exercise patience

It may take longer before you see a whale or dolphin, which shouldn't be an issue. Bring a game or music on your hone that will keep you occupied, and you enjoy the cruise.

Wrapping up

Whale watching pursuits are a great way to enjoy fun moments and bond with loved ones. If planning to tour the Gold coast, know when to tour and carry appropriate clothing for the hot weather. Also, choose the right team and enjoy swimming with whales, turtles, and dolphins at the Gold coast.

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