Swimmers ear is medically known as otitis externa, and this problem can be cured with the help of some very effective home remedies. There are many kinds of infection that can mildly affect the ear but there are some infections that need to be treated quickly. No matter what the conditions may be, an ear infection must not be ignored. Whether the infection is mild or severe, the home remedies for swimmers ear is capable of treating both the conditions.

In the condition of oititis externa a person suffers from inflammation in the external ear and the ear canal. This condition often occurs when a person's ear is excessively exposed to the moisture, particularly swimmers ear. Also, the contaminated water is the prime cause for this condition as contaminated water contains fungus and bacteria which may penetrate into the ear along with the water. The home remedies for swimmers ear can eliminate the fungus and bacteria. In addition, when ear canal gets damaged by cotton buds or fingernails may lead to infection. Also, careless spraying of hairspray and careless usage of shampoo may lead to infection as they may penetrate into ear along with microbes.

In some cases it is found that diabetes was the cause for infection. In the body of a diabetic the earwax becomes more alkaline due to which the ear may become more vulnerable towards microbes that may cause infection. Another prime cause for ear infection is narrowed ear canals. Moreover, due to abnormal narrowed ear canal the water may not drain easily which may invite microbes to grow in the ear. The home remedies for swimmers ear can help the water to drain quickly so that the microbes could not grow.

The symptoms of ear infection may include itching and inflammation in the ear canal. Also, decrease in the hearing power may be due to an infection. The earwax may become soft and white while suffering from ear infection. In many cases it is found that the infected ear causes sharp pain suddenly, due to the infection. Other symptoms might include humming sound in the ear, swelling in the nodes of ear or on the lymph nodes of neck, feeling of heaviness in the ear and outer skin may appear sore or scaly or both. The home remedies can rapidly cure any of the mentioned symptoms. Some of the many effective home remedies for swimmers ear are mentioned ahead.

1. To prevent future infections put few drops of diluted apple cider vinegar after swimming or showering.

2. Take some warm baby oil and put a few drops of it in the infected ear. To avoid draining put a cotton ball.

3. This is one of the most effective remedy amongst many other home remedies for swimmers ear. Put a towel between the heating pad and infected ear. This will evaporate the water. Application of heat must be for short time only.

4. Take some garlic oil and put it into the infected ear. The compound allicin in the garlic has antibacterial properties which will eliminate the microbes.

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