The pristine and almost perfect beauty of Switzerland is not the only thing that it has to offer. With the mighty Alps and azure lakes on one hand and 150 ski resorts and winter trails on the other, even visiting Switzerland briefly would be a treat. But, for someone who wishes to Study in Switzerland; there is more than just beauty on the platter. Two of the top 15 QS ranked institutes in the world are Swiss. Here’s a look at some reasons as to why Swiss education would provide an edge to a student’s profile.

The Swiss public Universities, being government funded, charge a very low tuition fee from students studying Bachelor’s and Master’s courses.

There are four official languages in Switzerland, those being; German, French, Italian, and Romansch. This provides a cultural hub for international students and exposure to Europe’s rich and diverse heritage, all at one place. Despite this, an increasing number of courses are available in English.
There is no place on earth better than Switzerland for winter sports. There are countless skiing and snowboarding destinations in the Alpine slopes. Students can avail inexpensive year-long ski passes to some of the world’s best slopes.

What makes the Swiss experience truly enriching is that Swiss Universities provide an international environment for their students. This presents a huge opportunity for a student’s growth owing to the interaction with such diverse cultures. This culturally diverse experience is an important asset, especially for hotel management and business sectors.
Hospitality, Business, and Tourism are some of the top areas for students seeking Higher Education Abroad in Switzerland.

The first hotel management institute in the world, the Lausanne Hotel School, began in Switzerland in 1893. Switzerland practically invented hospitality management and is still the provider of top-notch courses in this domain. GLION Institute of Higher Education, established in 1962, has classrooms and restaurants located on the mountainside above Montreux. With 4 bars and restaurants on campus, it is also a perfect place to learn hotel management.

International students are allowed to travel to countries like France, Germany, and other European countries on the same Visa during their course period. In addition, there are various internship options at the world’s leading hotel chains with which the Swiss universities are partnered. The degrees offered by the Universities in Switzerland are accreditated internationally and are globally recognized for their excellence. This is a point in favor of those students who come to Study in Switzerland.

Business management courses in Switzerland are also quite strong and have a strong focus on hospitality field. These are programs of choice for students who aspire for a management career in the hospitality industry. The programs offer students an academic education coupled with strong vocational training. This provides international advantages while seeking employment at reputed hospitality firms. In addition, those who desire to open their own business would also be benefited by such a comprehensive curriculum.

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