Trying to be friends with the ex-partner, continue to have contact with him or her and take unnecessary guilt are some of the most common mistakes that are committed, after the breakup sentimental. For this reason, in addition to the law of "zero contact" (eliminate phone numbers, profiles on social networks and, in general, any kind of approach with that person), it is necessary to take a reasonable time to make the corresponding mourning.

The psychologist and coach in relationships and seduction strategies, Jose Alonso, recommends, as part of the process, to perform a closing ritual, which will help to release the negative feelings caused by the break and move forward, leaving aside the ties from the past.

This consists of taking a sheet of paper and dividing it in two (vertically). Subsequently, positive things in the relationship must be written on one side; in other words, what you want to keep and, on the other side, the negative. Following this, both parts must be cut; the bad should be buried or burned and the good should be saved.

Spellshelp also helps to cast spell break up relationship consequently, he or she will be able to forgive himself and the other person. The expert adds that the faster the ritual takes place, the process will be less complex and healthier.

Also, advise taking this moment to "stop along the way" and close cycles. Finding another person to "take the nail" is not the best way to overcome an ex-partner. When the person manages to remember without pain, it is the right time to start dating others and start a new relationship, before it is not the best option.

How to close a cycle?

The psychologist Fabiola Cuevas, the specialist in anxiety disorders assures that "closing a cycle does not mean that the former is completely forgotten; it means that evolution is discovered within oneself, from ending that relationship ".

In addition, he recommends, assimilates the evolution within himself and grows with that experience, to create a new and with a higher level of consciousness, in order to strengthen themselves from that relationship and determine what is desired in the next. Gratitude, he says, is one of the best ways to end a cycle. The key word in this whole process: sorry.

The concept is simple: as for a family life is suspended from the death of a family member until after the funeral, when a break occurs, we can be suspended since the relationship is broken until we really accept it. For this reason, it is advisable to do some kind of ritual that tells your subconscious that this relationship has ended in order to start the process of real grief.

You should know this ritual which is not going to make the pain disappear suddenly, nor is it going to save you from the much-needed grieving process, but it will help you to put a closure on the relationship within you. The subconscious will hold the message that it can start to come out of shock, rejection and begin to heal.

If you do not see yourself capable of doing this ritual because you resist releasing that person or if you feel that you want a therapeutic accompaniment in this process of closure and growth, contact me and I will be happy to help and guide you.

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