Today I would like to share an inspiring way of seeing ourselves. As we know, human beings have an amazing brain and its potential has not yet been fully discovered. It is subjected to always new studies and experimentation.

The human brain is a mystery. Stil some great human beings seem to be able to use a much greater part of it than the average person. This happens when all our nervous system is at balance and there are no obstruction from the brain to unite its two hemisphere into a harmonious way of working towards the same results.

Symbolically, the brain is the storehouse of our experience and the trigger of certain experiences in our life. Our nervous system goes beyond the physical, and it touches the deepest secrets of our soul. As we know, we are multidimensional living creatures dealing with our body, our mind and our emotions. Things that are seemingly "invisible" seem to have an effect of what is visible.

Just think about yourself as you go through the day, you probably live much more in your "head" than you do in your body. We spend hours and hours living at the level of the mind and of the emotions, still we so easily refuse to acknowledge their influence in our lives.

According to the symbolic ways of living as found in yoga, the emotions and the mind are "matter", exactly as our body is matter. Only it is a much subtler matter, still influencing incredibly the material world in its more gross aspect.

The brain uses symbolically other smaller brains in our system, which are in relation (symbolically) to certain planets. For example, if we learn how to communicate in a new language we are storing the information in the Mercury brain, we do so with the help of the main brain up inside our head. This information accumulates into matter until new "grey" subtle matter is added to the smallest Mercury brain. Once this new information is stored, every time we will have to communicate in that language the Mercury brain will function automatically, leaving the main brain free to perform other tasks.

I know that some people might not believe that this is happening, unless they are of a mystical nature. But you can see it this way:
Think on how many areas of your life you are experiencing in this period.

If you had another brain working automatically in that area, what information would that have been stored inside?
Then the next step would be to concentrate, using the main storehouse of the brain you have inside your skull, and reprogram that "affiliate" smallest brain with intention.
This sounds similar to the discipline of practicing affirmations until you think automatically in the way you have programmed, but it is different. We are accessing subtle grey matter, new neuro-patterns that will function in harmony with our chosen life.

This is where NLP and Mystical Yoga come together. All can be used for the highest benefit and good.

Remember, it is matter we are talking about!

As always, your beautiful comments are greatly appreciated!

To Your Success and Joy
Your Life Catalyst Coach
Vincent Sandee

Author's Bio: 

Professional Certified Coach, Vincent uses the mystical tradition of Yoga and unites it with cutting edge modern mental-meditation techniques .

Composer, writer, acting teacher, yoga, meditation teacher and transformational spiritual activist. Vincent has been practicing meditation for over 14 years. He trained in London, Italy and India where he lived for 1 year as a monk in the tradition of Kriya Yoga.

His vision is one of uniting perceptions with the overall pervading Awareness, which is the non-dual union of all that is. When this union is experienced, one gains full power over one's life.
He continues to travel intensively, enriching his direct experience of the Spirit and expanding his insights and understanding.
He developed new methods of mentoring and transformation that apply to anyone, no matter what spiritual background, based on the sacred teachings of Kriya Yoga, Metaphisycal knowledge and his direct experience. The experience of divine Joy and Mastery over one's life is the aim of all his activities.