I talk and write about the ‘Awakening’ process and subjects related pretty often…
If you’ve been through the process yourself you won’t need further explanation of ‘why’ I may refer to it so often; and if you’re not sure what an ‘awakening’ is, you may have a better idea after reading this short note…
I’m aware that many people have already gone through the ‘Cocoon’ themselves, and may also know about the dark night of the soul and its profound implications with its new insights and higher awareness that are usually gained during the entire process.
Surely others, all over the world are going through their awakening process right now, one by one; while still many more may find themselves greatly confused and unclear about what’s happening to them.
I was certainly one from this last group!
You’d be wise to use your perhaps currently negative experience as a ‘springboard’ to bring still a greater change into your life and begin to take things from a higher perspective…
‘If you don’t go within, you go ‘without’.
You may be experiencing some very odd symptoms that you’ve never experienced before… (it would feel very weird to notice them- I can recall myself experiencing them at several stages of the process). You may be even afraid that you may be losing your mind with the ‘roller coaster’ of emotions you may be feeling. Some days you may be feeling the ‘King or Queen of the Mountain’ while others just the ‘Rat of the Dumpster’ and this would be just fine; remember that a spiritual awakening is a process, and as such it has to follow its natural development without being rushed.
All of this, added to the conscious ‘voices’ (the new awareness you gain by becoming aware of your own thoughts) in your head that don’t seem to stop, the odd synchronicities around you and the feeling of being miraculously guided step by step, etc.
Movies, many times, come to us to tell us something. They arrive at the perfect time to give us a subtle message that we needed to hear at the precise moment. No matter its genre; Sci-fi, drama, comedy…They can all have amazing hidden massages just waiting to be found by us.
I believe that whoever created the original concept for the movie ‘The Matrix’, it was his or her way to show the same thing I’m trying to explain here, only in a different way.

There are a few fantastic analogies within the movie; trying to show how once you are outside ‘the matrix’ your perception of the world changes. When the characters decided to go back into it with their new ‘perception’- they realize it’s all a big illusion- they’re now able to ‘perceive’ the world with a totally new ‘light’, almost as in its ‘binary code’.
As you change within, your outside experiences do just the same. You begin to perceive your life experiences and your relationships from a totally new standpoint; enabling you to glimpse into their true meaning and higher purpose for your life. You’d switch from ‘reacting to Life’ (unconsciously) to ‘acting toward Life’ in a more consciously aware approach.
Inevitably, you’d also begin to see the patterns that perhaps have been unconsciously sabotaging your personal finances, as to decide what you would do about them.
Dr. Wayne Dyer has an expression that applies perfectly:
‘When you change the way you look at things, what you look at changes’.
I remember that I wasn’t very pleased… and I didn’t even know it. For me it was just who I was… Don’t give me wrong, I thought I was ‘O.k.’… I really thought I was!
Until one day everything crumbled down on me…
As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s a long story… But one of the things I remember the most during those dark times was the frustration of not knowing who I could talk to. How could I have pretended that somebody would understand anything about something that I, myself, did not understand at all?!
I’ve had a hard time when I thought I was going insane… (it can become quite overwhelming at times, especially at the beginning ‘stages’ when the inner changes are the greatest and they happen very quickly).
If you can relate yourself with some of the points I’ve described in here you may indeed be going through a great shift in your consciousness. Nothing will be ever the same from here on, since you’d be claiming your highest true nature perhaps for the first time in your life!
This is why I always write about this process… because I know what it meant for me and how it has helped me to transform and drastically improve everything else in my life from the inside out and through me, also the lives of others… and what it can mean for you if you open up.
The ball is on your court right now. You have a free opportunity for change, what are YOU going to do about it is NOW what matters!

Author's Bio: 

Adrian A. Boniardi is the founder and CEO of ‘Meditar, Underwater Meditation’ based in South Florida and a certified Life Coach that specializes on the 'Spiritual Awakening' process; a combination that fits well when helping his clients rip the hidden benefits of what it has been called 'The Dark Night of the Soul'.
Adrian has gone through the 'Awakening' process himself, and it was while going through this experience that he found divine inspiration to create 'Meditar, Underwater Meditation'. Totally unaware of what he was experiencing, he began asking questions to ‘Life’ about the process of ‘Life’ itself. His answers helped him to transform his life in a spectacular way.
For more information about Underwater Meditation or to schedule a complimentary consultation with Adrian you can go to: UnderwaterMeditation.com/Coaching