What is the cause of chronic constipation? There are many causes of chronic constipation. In most cases, diet plays a very important role. More frequent low-fiber processed and refined foods, frequent constipation. Lack of exercise, lack of water and consumption are also other reasons. Water is essential to the formation of fecal matter and content makes it difficult bowel movements. If there is insufficient intake of fluids, usually the colon to absorb moisture and feces result is rock-solid stool consistency.

Thus, in human colon is loaded with rock-hard stool particles that can get hit and needs outside help to avoid laxatives, enemas or colon cleansing. Accumulated fecal matter from bloating, headache, abdominal pain, stool of colorectal mucosal lesions, blood and even some not-like symptoms. These symptoms are due to the fact that the body is forced to accept some of the toxic feces.

Next we consumed foods. The food we swallow air we breathe and drink water is another important thing. Food products can be medicinal and poisonous at the same time. If the right amount of food can give you strength and energy, but if taken in sufficient quantity that it is not recommended, then it becomes poisonous. There is also that you have to follow if you use food era. Irregular eating habits cause digestive problems and eventually chronic constipation. Food should be whole grains, and in addition to vegetables and fruit mixture. If you find the right balance of food intake, then you hold off disease, and constipation can be regarded as arm's length. Therefore, healthy eating healthy daily eating time and make healthy, as it should be.

Most people who suffer from chronic constipation is a step back, talk to your doctor or gastroenterologist. This is not a wise decision. This condition is not only painful but can cause serious stomach problems during time. Normal constipation, followed by a few habits and doing some exercises can cure, but chronic constipation is always medical support. When to seek medical help, he may ask you for your appetite, abdominal pain, etc., that you know why the problem persists for several months. Your diet will also be questioned.

Sometimes you may need to carry out colonoscopy (a test that checks willful obstruction and should be taken once a year from the age of 50, according to the American Cancer Society recommendation). As one of the main reasons that Chronic constipation is diagnosed when the patient has less than three bowel movements per week for three months or more. Other symptoms that indicate this condition, it is hard stools in more than one-quarter of the time, straining the bowel movement is more than a quarter of the time and incomplete evacuation in more than one-quarter of the time. If either of these symptoms, you should definitely call your doctor immediately candidacy.

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