Human life has got many different phases that people encounter in their daily lives. These include joyous moments that create good moods and depressed moments that create bad moods. Change in mood affects a person's thoughts, feelings and behavior. Nervous breakdown is a short-span period of depression and nervousness. All human would wish to live a comfortable and stress free life despite the many obstacles they come across every now and then that demoralizes them. Let's talk in details about the causes, symptoms of a nervous breakdown and how to overcome depression.


There is no specific cause of nervous breakdown but we have a limitless list. These include life occurrences that may lead to depressed mood including financial problems, failure to secure a job, losing a relative or a closely related person like a friend, relationship problems such as heartbreak or separation, as a result of an infectious illness like cancer which is life threatening, emotional trauma, been not able to have children, being exposed to work at work or as a result of influence by drugs.


Symptoms of a nervous breakdown include grief which is natural response to a loss while depression is an infirmity caused by long persistence of a loss. Depression affects your normal life and is revealed in a person through his change in mood and aversion to activity that affects one's thinking, feelings and performance. One tends to feel hopeless, worried, nervous, restless, tearful, guilt ridden, irritable, are not able to tolerate other people's mistakes, face difficulties in making decisions, having a boring life and not getting any delight out of it.

One may at most be faced by loss of pleasure in life, loosing much weight despite the fact that you have not changed you eating habit, lack of sleep, thinking of dying and keeping away from people. A person feels blank at most moments as though he is existing in a black hole.


Being to cope with distress is not an easy thing but requires your determination. Apart from clinical treatment, there are numerous ways of how to manage nervous breakdown and defeat it. This is to ensure that you get back to your normal day to day activities.

Some of these are:

  1. I. Facing you problems after getting to realize what is troubling you. This is the most excellent method of controlling depression.
  2. Talk to someone close to you like a friend or relative about your feelings. Let out your problems rather than locking them up for yourself in your heart.
  3. Going for physical exercises is of much help. You may take a walk with a friend instead of keeping to yourself at your work-place .
  4. Always be occupied with some kind of activity to keep you busy. To help this, do some home based chores such as cleaning.
  5. Watch your diet and have a plentiful sleep.
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All these will help your depression come to an end within by your ability to control it. The symptoms carry on weeks or even months and interfere with your work and social life.
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