Be sure to watch for the signs that tell you, you are on your path

I met a lady on the web who lived somewhere in California and after becoming friends, she eventually suggested I have a labyrinth at the farm, and though she knew I was in Ontario and didn't know where, suggested I see the one at
St. Pauls Church in Newmarket and talk to the people who made it. As it happens,St Pauls is the Church I used
to go to, and it's a short walk from my street. Wow! I didn't go, since snow was on the ground but later the next
spring I took a Women's Seminar at a location out of town. I chose to sit at a table with two women during the break out session. After we got chatting I asked them what they did. Didn't they build labyrinths!!
They came to the farm and loved the energies there. As they were leaving I found out they used to be the Pastors at St. Pauls and built the labyrinth the lady in California told me about.
The labyrinth is finally in at Cherry Valley Retreat!

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Huber is the proprietor of Cherry Valley Retreat and organizes Certification Workshops for Animal Communications Reiki and more. Many discovery workshops on learning to communicate with your Angels, guides, Animal Totems. Healing with colour, vibration, essences. Learn about auras, pendulums. Nancy personally does remote viewing absent healing with Archangel Raphael, Gifts the Munay Ki Rites, reads akashic records and is a Reiki Master.