“Coincidences are spiritual puns”~ G.K. Chesterton

We’ve all heard the common mantra, “There are no coincidences.” Whether believer or skeptic, we have all experienced these fascinating and seemingly random occurrences in life that seem too improbable to be chalked up to just chance. Often we find that the timing of these messages, people, and things relate directly to current issues; that which we are presently in need of. These amazing experiences actually happen to us more often than most of us are aware of, simply because we do not pay attention or see meaning in them. Often they go unnoticed because they are symbolic in nature and need deciphering.

One of the most successful self-published books of all time, The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield is a story based on the concept of recognizing the connection between coincidence and spiritual growth. It portrays coincidence as a fork in the road; a sign indicating a more direct route to our most profound path in life. The story does not suggest that missing the sign means we will not find our way, we always have options. Rather it indicates that there are many different routes we can take and choices we have the free will to make as we navigate through our lives.

In the 1920’s, the Swedish psychologist/physicist Carl Jung first coined the term “Synchronicity” to explain what he referred to as “meaningful coincidences.” The word comes from two Greek phrases meaning, “Joined with” and “Time.” He developed this concept while investigating the phenomena of the collective unconscious, and after observing the many astonishing coincidences shared by his patients. In Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, the 1952 article he published in a paper with related study he stated, “What I found were ‘coincidences’ which were connected so meaningfully that their ‘chance’ concurrence would represent a degree of improbability that would have to be expressed by an astronomical figure.” He was captivated by the idea that life was not a series of random events, but rather an expression of deeper order.

Though Jung coined the term, his concept of synchronicity was not groundbreaking. It had been an integral part of many Eastern philosophers for centuries. The principal is based on the universal concept that the whole universe is a living, breathing entity, and everything in it is interconnected.

My memoir, Fine…ly: My Story of Hope, Love, and Destiny, is a story about the tremendous role that synchronicity played in my life. I reveal the many recognizable, mind-blowing “coincidences” that occurred over the years that ultimately brought me to a place of healing, serenity, and happiness.

We can all think about our lives and all the amazing ways that things have come together for us: The chance meetings with people that reveal just the information we’ve been looking for, the trip we took to a foreign country where we ran into someone we knew, the song that came on the radio at the exact time that we needed to hear those words, the book given to us by a friend that sent us on a life-altering spiritual quest, or the person we ran into that offered the healing solution to our illness.

Synchronicities exist. They show us that our inner world is in sync with our outer world. Each day we attract meaningful “coincidences” that help our souls to evolve. The amount of synchronicities we attract is in direct proportion to our level of conscious awareness. The more attention we pay to the “coincidences” in our lives, the more frequently they will occur to guide us on our way in our physical experience.

As we remain open to and aware of the synchronicities experienced in our own life, we will find our life flowing in ways we could never even imagine.

Love Always,

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Randi Fine is a native of Baltimore, Maryland who has been living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida since 2005. She has two adult children: a beautiful daughter and a handsome son, and she has been married to a wonderful man for 22 years.

Her lifetime thirst for artistic, creative expression led her in 2008 to the challenge of writing her memoir, Fine…ly: My Story of Hope, Love, and Destiny. During the two year process of navigating through the unfamiliar waters of authorship, she discovered for the first time that she truly had a passion for writing. She now devotes herself to writing full-time from her home. By sharing her wealth of experiences, insights, and lessons, she aspires to offer hope, compassion, and understanding to those who searching for answers.

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She is a deeply spiritual person, following an enlightened path of her own design. It is a connection that she faithfully trusts to guide her in every aspect of her life.