• On October 20, 1942, Fantappié presented his theory of syntropy to the Academia d’Italia in a paper called "The Unified Theory of the Physical and Biological World." See http://www.syntropy.org/.

• In 2015 Ulisse Di Corpo, physicist, and Antonella Vannini published “Syntropy: The Spirit of Love.”

On Wednesday, July 15, 9:00am PT, 6:00pm in Italy, I attended a live webinar. The agenda included how ARV (Associative Remote Viewing) Relates to Syntropy, with Marty Rosenblatt as host. Ulisse Di Corpo was to discuss ARV, non-locality, and Love.
The two-hour session is available on YouTube https://youtu.be/uCKgC896o9Q). Here are my notes from the session.

Simply put, entropy is the past, the visible world, what has been created and is passing away. Syntropy is the future, all potential, the invisible world, and what might come into being. The present, or point of balance, is what is being created.

Entropy, as the visible, quantitative, objective world, is the realm of hard science.

Syntropy, as the invisible, qualitative, subjective world, is the realm of intent and aspiration.

Entropy is the dissipative process of increasing disorder, decay, and death. Syntropy is the creative process of increasing order, concentration, and life. Entropy is a closed system without syntropy.

To put it briefly, syntropy has not been recognized by hard science because it would require time to run backwards from the future to the present. Einstein’s famous equation plus momentum states that time runs backwards, but physicists did not “like” this idea and therefore threw it out (the momentum part of the equation). At least, some physicists. Other physicists, mathematicians, and psychologists, such as Ulisse Di Corpo, asked, “Why not explore it?”

With entropy alone, time must always move forwards from the past to the present to the future. However, entropy cannot explain life or consciousness. With entropy alone, we have a dying and dead universe devoid of meaning and purpose. But if we accept syntropy (a term coined by Luigi Fantappié in 1942, as noted above), we add the other half of reality: the invisible world of “attractors.” In this world, we naturally have the ability to sense the future and choose the best alternative. We feel the right choice in the heart.

“Life ascends from the quantum level,” Di Corpo said. “The origin of life is in the future.” (My teacher Duane/DaBen says, “Consciousness begins with any degree of order.” So does Seth. If you don’t know who Seth is, see www.sethlearningcenter.org. Seth also says that the cells "precognate" and the present is created as much from the future as it is from the past.)

In practical terms: here, in the present, we create what is coming into being by sensing the future and lining up with those “attractors” that agree with our intent and desires.

The present is the point of convergence. I believe we use data from both what has been created (the “past”) and what we are sensing from what might be created (the “future”). As you can see, I think it might be best to move beyond the terms “past, present, future.” Instead, let’s talk Norse mythology and the three Norns. (I know I said this is the non-runic version, but the Norns fit in so well, here goes.) The grandmother is entropy, “that which has been created.” The mother is the present, or “that which is being created now.” The maiden is syntropy, or “that which is coming.” Furthermore, these three forces, symbolized by three sisters, ensure the continuation of the universe (and the preservation of data). Even when the battle between fire and ice results in the death of the universe (Ragnoroc), the three sisters (forces) will weave it anew from the roots of the world tree (which could be metaphorical for a ballooning at the end of a black hole, a budding universe, with neutrinos keeping it from collapsing in on itself). It is they who weave the threads of Wyrd (the web of life). In addition, the data from the old universe will be used in the new mix so nobody and nothing will ever truly die. Nature doesn't waste anything and is a natural recycler. The beginning of a new universe emerges from the old.

But let’s talk about time running backwards. This has been rejected because it has only been visualized as having to occur in the visible universe; to some hard scientists, the visible universe is all that exists. Time running backwards in the visible universe would mean your broken egg turning back into a whole egg.

But if the invisible universe of syntropy is taken into account, time running backwards takes on a new meaning. Basically, it means that in the present, we create from the field of all possibilities, or the future. The field of all possibilities is what we generally refer to as “future.” If we toss the word “future” away and simply think in terms of “coming into being,” or potential, it might be easier to explore this idea of future without fear or rigidity or that conflict between "free will" and "determinism." The fact that there is a conflict indicates that some info is missing on the subject. If we had all the info on it, there would only be fact and no conflict.

Although modern terms and phrases relating to time are misleading if we want to learn anything new, for discussion purposes, we can’t completely do away with time terms. To continue---in this webinar, we hear that data from the past is sent into the future where it then mixes with fresh possibilities for new creation, which are then sent backwards into not only the present, but also into the past. (I do believe I have experienced new things happening in the past. It feels like a “twinkling” that spreads uptime like little minnows of light, changing not only the past, but the present and future possibilities.) This may sound confusing at first, but it's really elegant and open ended.

My own experience of syntropy, entropy, and the present moment is that of a cosmic dance taking place within me and outside of me everywhere. As I sit here, millions of cells in my body are dying and millions of cells are being born. Entropy may ensure that the flower wilts, but syntropy ensures that a new flower will be born. The wilted flower doesn’t die in vain. Its information is sent into the future (or the unmanifest) to seed new possibilities of flowerhood. As Edison had engraved on his tombstone, he hoped a new edition of him, a better one, would be forthcoming.

Entropy, syntropy, and balance can also be related to the three gunas in raja yoga: Tamas (entropy), rajas (syntropy), and sattva (balance). In the meditative traditions, the goal is sattva. One might oscillate to one side or another, but maintaining a largely sattvic, or balanced state, is most desired. It is from the sattvic state that we can best create reality and benefit from both past and future data. In the sattvic state, we can most easily sense future “attractors” and respond to them. The sattvic state is the control room where all the buttons and screens are kept.

Entropy, Balance, and Syntropy are the forces ensuring existence as an open system of continual, ever-expanding creation. Entropy is the visible world of hard science, the quantitative and objective; syntropy is the invisible world of life, consciousness, and the qualitative. Entropy is the dissipative process; syntropy the creative process.

Seth fans: In the Seth books, Seth mentions that there is two-way communication between the past and the future. Entropy and syntropy are complementary processes that create existence. We transcend these dualities through the sattvic state. Transcending them, we incorporate them into a larger whole of which we are a part. We are small; but we are a part of something great. Therefore, we are both small and great.

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Linda R. Reneau's background is in nursing, editing, and meditation. She has taught meditation for over 20 years and began her studies in 1969. She is currently employed by Student Support Services at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.