Annual Maintenance – it is something most of us don’t want to be bothered with. Whether it be for your annual physical or bringing your car in for service, we know we need to do them but often avoid them or put them off. So why is it important to perform them? Think about your car. We all know the importance of oil changes: short term it may not cause a problem but eventually, if you don’t maintain the oil, the engine wear will increase dramatically.

A System Health Check will uncover small problems before they become bigger. Untreated, they can become much more serious. As someone who has been working with Infor ERP systems for over 20 years, it has been my experience that the catastrophic moments happen when you are least expecting them. But I have also learned that the companies that practice good preventative maintenance reduce the risk, or when a problem does occur, they are able to recover faster.

So what exactly is System Health Check, what does it entail? NSA recommends a few things be done at least yearly. These include:

Backup Checks – are you actually getting valid backups and able to restore them successfully?

Database Health – Is your DB running at optimum performance, have you outgrown your extents?

Overall Performance Monitoring – verify if there is any latency or periods of poor response.

System Health – are there any errors that have not been addressed?

Clean-Up – file systems, directories, log reports that should be trimmed, deleted or otherwise maintained.

Dump and Reload – when was your last one? What are the benefits? Recommendations whether it’s time to perform another.

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