Small businesses can be defined as – where very small numbers of people are employed. However, this can be mislead one as the terms “small” & “less” are familiar. For instance, in places like United States of America, a small business means – where less than a hundred employees are employed whereas in European Union, Small business includes employees less than fifty.

In certain cases, factors like profit margin, capital investment, etc. also define a small business, which means that small businesses are also those which has smaller spending powers. Such business concerns face the problem of reduced budget at the time of buying security gadgets.

Now the following are the examples of economical appliances which are very much ideal for putting together a security system.

Wireless Cameras

Today as far as security is concerned, these are the latest gadgets. Unlike a burglar or security alarm, wireless camera records all the events and is used during the police investigations. Using this gadget one can see what is going on outside the building by sitting inside the building. The camera also records the sound as well as the video footage. With the help of wireless cameras, you can keep an eye on the people coming inside your premises. Thus this will help to seize the criminals & in this way crime can be prevented.

Security Lighting

Certain scientific study shows that a well lit place at least discourages the criminals and intruders. Thus installing bright lights around your business premises is a reasonable and effective solution to all your security problems and needs. For well lit outer spaces one can put in large, bright and powerful search lights as well as flood lights which are used in sporting events during poor natural light conditions.

Burglar Alarms

Alarm is a device which alerts people by making a loud noise within the premises of criminal activity. It is mainly used at such place which requires high security like prison & other government buildings. There are sensors in alarm are programmed in such a way that it triggers off a warning when some unwanted, unauthorized intrusion takes place.

The name burglar alarm name itself suggests that it is something exactly designed for the security purpose like to help preventing the unauthorized entry into buildings or office premises. These alarms are available in different models- from the latest wireless alarms (which can be operated with the help of radio waves) to the more conventional wired alarms. The price ranges varies with significance to the services that it provides. This alarm is ideal for small businesses as such enterprises cannot afford employing many safety guards.


CCTV is the acronym for Closed Circuit Television. Such a surveillance system is very much useful since all activity in different parts of a building or office can be kept under tab by one person sitting in front of a single monitor which can filter the feeds from various hidden cameras placed in different locations.

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