Laser printers have revolutionized the way that T-shirt printing has been done. Now you can have custom T shirt designs on your own T shirt, by yourself, with ease and confidence, thanks to laser printers. However, you will need to know which type of printer is best for what you need.
There are three types of T-shirt transfer printers that are available for home or business use: ink jet printers, solid state printers and thermal transfer printers. Ink jet printers can print on any type of T shirt, with a variety of ink flavors including colors, black & white, and normal colors. These printers use a special printer fluid that enables the ink to be spread thin, so that the colors are smooth and brilliant. You can achieve shiny, silky, even color-on-color results with minimal bleeding and other processing.
If you are looking for a printer for T shirt that prints on colored clothing, you will probably want to go with a printer that uses a solid state system. Solid state, or thermal, T shirt printing devices are extremely durable and dependable, using a special type of semiconductor in the printers that give them the ability to print in different colors with very little heat transfer. Because they use no heat, there is little maintenance involved. They are also very fast, printing hundreds of T shirts per hour.
Thermal transfer printers, or solid state ones as others might say, are the traditional way of printing T shirts. They are the traditional way because they produce superior quality prints, with little or no bleeding, and with higher resolution and better color accuracy. They are generally inexpensive and use a solid, color-conforming ink that comes in rolls similar to dye sublimation printers. Thermal transfer printers use a mechanism that causes the heat from the printer to transfer the ink to the fabric. The ink itself is a solid, color-conforming liquid that is transferred through tiny holes.
These printers work by passing an electrical impulse through the fabric as it is printed. This impulse is usually a solid color - though it can be a combination of colors or a patterned color. After the ink has soaked into the fabric, the transfer process occurs. The ink passes through several areas of the fabric in succession and is collected when it reaches the final destination. Because this is a very complicated process, many businesses prefer to use a professional transfer printing service to ensure that the colors will not bleed or fade.
The next type of T-shirt printer to consider is the color-filling T shirt printer. These printers use ink that is similar to the liquid ink used by some computers, meaning that it is fade resistant and will not stain your shirts. These printers use ultraviolet radiation to transfer the ink to your t shirts, making the process less expensive and faster than dye sublimation. Some of these printers also use heat to transfer the ink; though it is debatable whether or not this is actually faster, color-filling printers do tend to be more durable and offer higher quality results.
If you are looking for a T-shirt printer with a larger print area, then you should consider the large format T shirt printer. These printers work best suited for making oversized custom orders, but they can be suitable for many small orders as well. They feature a design that includes up to sixteen different colored bars, which allows for very intricate and colorful designs. This type of printer can also print in multiple colors, allowing the business owner to turn an individual white t shirt into something unique and fun.
Whether you are looking for a T-shirt printing company or an individual T shirt printer, it is important to carefully consider all of your options before making any decisions. T shirt printing has come along way, and the technology involved is constantly advancing. With so many great companies offering different services, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs, but armed with the right information about the various types of printers on the market, you will be able to make an informed decision that will help you get the results you desire.

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